Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Put A Fork In It And Call It Done -- The Missus Loses Her Appeal -- April 29, 2015

USA Today  reports:
Harold Hamm's ex-wife Tuesday lost her appeal for even more than the nearly $1 billion she won in a divorce battle with the wealthy CEO and founder of oil giant Continental Resources.
Sue Ann Arnall waived her legal bid to reopen the case when she cashed the nine-figure check Hamm was ordered to give her in a November decision that capped a nearly two-month divorce trial, the Oklahoma Supreme Court ruled.
She "took possession or title of the real property and deposited the check for property-division alimony," the court's majority opinion concluded. "The judgment is now satisfied."
Tuesday's ruling, however, allowed Hamm to continue his own appeal of the decision that had appeared to bring a legal end to the former couple's 26-year marriage.
Never should have cashed that check.

Disclaimer: this is not a "legal advice" website. Do not make any decisions regarding your own relationships based on anything you read here or think you might have read here. However, if someone gives you a billion-dollar check, think twice before cashing it. 

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