Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Huge Story For North Dakota; Bigger Story For Bismarck -- This Is Really A Great Story -- Bobcat Is Back in Bismarck -- Bigger Than Ever -- In a Sense, I Think It's the Biggest Bakken Story of the Week

KXNET is reporting:
It was a big blow to the city when Bobcat left Bismarck in 2009.
Company heads said it was to regroup, and focus on operations elsewhere.
This time, they say it's different. "Bobcat is here to stay. In particular, for Bismarck, it's great news. We've gone through this extensive renovation, where we've gone through the offices and the factory floor. We've, in addition to that, we've brought new product into this facility to be built here. I'm also looking out and looking forward to what other opportunities exist to further our footprint here in North Dakota and Bismarck, in particular," says Kuhn.
I can't recall, but I think I recall blogging a lot about Bobcat, its trials and tribulations back in 2009. A big "thank you" to Don for updating the status of Bobcat. I was unaware of this. This really is a big deal.

The history of the Bobcat is at wiki

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