Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Tuesday -- August 19, 2014

Active rigs:

Active Rigs192183199193138

RBN Energy: prospects for exporting Ohio (Marcellus/Utica) condensate.

IPs / status of wells coming off confidential list today have been posted.

The Wall Street Journal

The Ukraine: the top story -- things must have settled down in Ferguson.

Farther down the page: tensions flare again in Ferguson. Attorney General Holder will be out there tomorrow, probably carry this advice to the protestors AND the police/military: "Take your mind off your troubles and the troubles of the world, go golfing."

And yes, an orbital blow-out fracture can cause blindness, and even result in death from complications. It is a very, very serious injury. 

Study: manmade quakes (assuming they exist) are must smaller, much less impact, than natural quakes. And who knows? Those little manmade quakes (if they exist) may release the tension preventing much bigger, devastating natural earthquakes. Who's to say?

 Wow, peace breaking out everywhere: Russia says deal reached with Ukraine for convoy; Gaza cease-fire still holds

The Los Angeles Times

Top story: Ferguson on edge. US attorney general Holder flying in.

San Diego council overrides veto of minimum-wage hike: $9.75 in 2015; $10.50 in 2016.  Much to-do about nothing. I assume there are any number of surrounding cities for tourists to shop.

Leonard Cohen has a new album out.

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