Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Willistonites With Cardiac Pacemakers Should Not View This Presentation -- August 19, 2014


August 23, 2014: see first comment below with regard to the graphic below. The south end of 32nd Avenue "starts at" the new retail center, known as Sand Creek Town Centre. In the graphic below, the large oval circle, to be more accurately placed over SCTC (not to be confused with SCTV) should be moved slightly down and to the left. It's too much work to change it. The Williston Wire updates retailers that are/will be located there:
Starboard, a Dickinson retailer, has signed a lease to open a new clothing store in Williston, ND in the fall of 2014.

The new location is nearly 4,000 square feet and conveniently located in Granite Peak Development's Sand Creek Town Centre; a 36,000-square-foot strip mall set for Menard's, Cash Wise Foods, Complete Nutrition and Altitude Analysis.   The shopping center is located on 32nd Ave West; the first right after Buffalo Wild Wings going west on highway 2/52.
That's what they said, "...west on highway 2/52." I am unaware of a "highway 52" going through Williston. The closest "highway 52" in North Dakota to Williston is the one that runs northwest to southeast, with a northwestern terminus at Portal, ND, and a southeastern terminus at Charleston, South Carolina.

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A reader, thank you very much, sent me this link on a proposal for a $135-million convention center in Williston: http://www.kxnet.com/story/26310563/convention-center-plan-in-williston.

Once I get up off the floor and back on my chair, maybe some comments. Maybe not.

In case the link is broken...
A major real estate developer wants to spend more than 100 million dollars building a hotel, retail, and office complex in Williston.
But the company wants local or state funds to pitch in another 35 million dollars for a convention center that would be the heart of the complex.
An official with The Prime Group in Chicago was in Williston today, pitching the idea to city officials and community leaders.
This is what John Breugelmans envisions for a new convention center complex on Williston's southwest side.
That's the convention center in the foreground, with the office building on the left and the 16-story, 300-room hotel on the right.
The facility would also include underground parking for 15-hundred vehicles along with retail space and a destination restaurant.
I knew my graphic would come in handy. The graphic at this earlier link shows a large oval, labeled "New Retail." This is about where Sand Creek is located, I do believe, but I could be wrong. If that is correct, then imagine the new Williston Convention Center inside this oval, with 1500-car parking lot under the coulee.

"New Retail" could be the location of the new Williston Convention Center. Or not.

By the way, the fireworks at the beginning of the video (linked above) was/were probably a bit much for conservative nature of most Williston Scandinavians.

I'm waiting for Donald Trump to make a counter-offer and a proposal for legalized gambling in Williams County.


  1. Yep, I believe you are correct. The developer said it would be located in the South East corner of Sand Creek Town Center overlooking downtown and the "coulee". It appears the 1500 underground parking and part of the hotel are built into a hillside...so it looks like that is about where it would go. I sure hope Williston goes for it. Do you know how many cities would kill to have a developer come in to build a 16 story hotel, 14 story office building and retail center and the city just needs to put up the money for a convention center. Williston has been planning on a new convention center and already approved the 1/2 penny tax to go towards either a downtown parking ramp or convention center. So it is a no brainer. Hopefully the city doesn't blow it. This is probably a once in a lifetime opportunity to bring something of this scale to Williston!

    1. It would be quite incredible, to say the least. I agree with you; it probably is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.