Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Whiting Appears To Have Set World Record For Number Of Frack Stages -- Bakken -- North Dakota -- August 19, 2014

From a reader: Whiting accomplished a 93-stage frack job using coiled tubing completion, in the Sanish, back in June:
  • 27231, 365, Whiting, Waldock Federal 14-4-3XH, Sanish, proposed middle Bakken; TVD, 10,128; TD, 19937; 1280-acre spacing unit; 92 stages; 4.1 million lbs sand; reached TD in 14 days from spud; gas units not remarkable, ranging as high as the 1,700 range; t7/14; cum --
Apparently all 90+ stages were accomplished in one trip. This number of records should constitute a world record for number of frack stages in one trip. Until told differently and verified, I will consider this a world record. Smile.

Here's the screenshot:

A huge "thank you" to the reader for alerting me to this. I doubt I would have found it on my own; if I had it would have been only through serendipity.

This is what the surrounding area looks like on the NDIC GIS map server:


  1. How much will this well end up costing for working interest owners? 15 million?

  2. Maybe someone has the AFE.

    Four expenses: drilling time; sand; paying service company to frack; and unexpected delays/problems.

    1. No delays/problems; as far as I could tell from the report.
    2. Drilling time spud to TD: 14 days -- that is incredibly fast. Average Bakken well seems to be about 24 days, but it seems closer to 30 days for many even though average is said to be in the 20-day range
    3. Sand is getting to be very, very expensive. Whiting only used 4 million lbs; no more than a typical 36-stage well; EOG is using upwards of 10 - 14 million lbs.
    4 The only expense I don't have any feel for: paying the coiled tubed completion -- but it only took one trip to complete.

    My hunch is we'll get the dollar figure for this well before it's all over.