2019 data; evolving 2020 data: US government; McKinsey & Company.

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  • everything suggests 2022 will be the "big year" for EVs
  • leading indicator: the electric F-150 will likely debut in 2022

The Grid

The grid: rolling blackouts associated with:

  • third-world countries;
  • piss-poor planning;
  • renewable energy scams;

The grid: rolling blackouts --

  • if the grid can't handle electricity demand when annual US EV sales is less than 2% of total US auto sales, how does the grid handle electricity demand when annual US EV sales hit 10%, and then 25% projected by 2025
    • the link is a pre-Covid link; it would be nice to see an update 
    • almost impossible to forecast anything during the pandemic; things are so out of whack
  • this will be fascinating to watch
  • winners, if this develops: electric utilities


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