Friday, June 5, 2020

The Luckiest Man In The World Today: Prince MbS -- June 5, 2020

The luckiest man in the world today: Prince MbS. The House of Saud is in great shape. Truly amazing!

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The gap between the haves and the have-nots continues to widen. Or should we say, the gap between the investing class and the non-investing class continues to widen.

White privilege:

The protests we're seeing? This is not a "race war." It's a class war.

Just as the 12th century crusades had nothing to do with religion though the bishops walked in front carrying the Catholic banners.

The Literature Page

Beating a dead horse -- pun intended. LOL.

The Wooden Horse: The Liberation of the Western Mind, From Odysseus to Socrates, Keld Zeruneith, p.2007.

The notes to this incredible book are as enjoyable to read as the book itself.

A few days ago I was sorting out the genealogy of Odysseus. One source suggested Autokykos was the grandfather of Oysseus but close reading of the wiki entry suggested some confusion. From Keld's notes, p. 574:
The Autolykos side of the Odysseus figure and its reception is thoroughly described by W. B Stanford in The Ulysses Theme. Autolykos is otherwise a strange figure of "origin," since, according to Apollodorus, he ws not only Odysseus' grandfather but also Iason's (Jason's) through his daughter Polymede, even as he, along with Laertes, sales with the Argonauts. All these coincidences in the Odyssey mean that Odysseus and Iason (Jason) are not only cousins but almost merge as figures.
There is also a long note -- too long to transcribe here, on page 572 -- explaining the seeming inconsistency that on the way home, "Odysseus offended Athene."

Another note, same page:
The myth of how women -- as a consequence of the competition between Athene and Poseidon to become god of Athens -- lost the right to vote and should belong to only one man is clearly an example of the transition from matriarchy to patriarchy.
Note 24, page 577: a possible explanation of how the pig became considered unclean in patriarchal Judaism. Isaiah said that the Lord condemned those who held cult festivals and eat pigs and mice.

Shelduck: word for the day.

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