Tuesday, February 11, 2020

More On That XTO "POW" Well; Monitoring Communication Between Two Upper Benches Of The Three Forks -- February 11, 2020

The well:
  • 36679, drl, XTO, Mariner 14X-36POW-S, Bear Creek, Three Forks 2B / 1B;
See #18797 at this post. "Equivalent to a new well being drilled."

From the file report, #36679:
  • the purpose of this well is to monitor fracking communication based on proximity to offset wells being fracked
  • this well is strategically landed below the Mariner 14X-36D (#36678), the wellbore traversed from the lower section of the Three Forks second bench to the lower Bakken shale
  • special fiber optic liner was run to monitor fracking communication from the Mariner 14X-36D
  • the Mariner 14X-36POW-H proved the most useful offset well in predicting formation tops
  • data was used to "pin-point" a strategic landing of the subject well;
  • curve successfully landed 28' below the top of the Three Forks second bench
  • reached TD, 16,890' MD on October 10, 2019
  • low gas units throughout the second bench
  • the greatest hydrocarbon shows (C1-C4) preferentially occurred in the more dolomitic horizons of the Three Forks first bench; background gas decreased to an approximate range of 25 - 50  units in the second bench;
  • the objects of drilling the lateral was to create a straight wellbore that traversed from the Three Forks second bench to the Three Forks first bench to be used as an observation well;
  • entry into the Three Forks first bench was noted by a distinguishable claystone at the bottom of the formation; the approach toward the Pronghorn was noted by siltstone and limestone in samples;
  • the vertical, curve, and lateral were drilled in 18 days using seven bottom-hole assemblies;
  • the wellbore was completed 100% within the Three Forks second bench and Three Forks first bench target interval, opening up 4,963' of formation to be used to monitor offset well fracking communication;
  • permit: spacing: 640 acres; section 1-147-96; Three Forks B2;
    • surface hole: SWSW 36-148-96, 108FSL, 187 FWL;
    • bottom hole: SENE 1-147-96; 1530 FNL, 102 FEL;

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