Saturday, November 24, 2018

No Matter What Others Say, The Data Suggests DUCs Continue To Increase -- November 24, 2018

Nothing new here; I simply forgot to note this when the September, 2018, data was reported.

It appears DUCs continue to increase -- very, very slightly, and perhaps we are starting to see the steady-state of DUCs in the Bakken.

Data updated here.

Memorial Service For Air Ambulance Crew

In US News and World Report
At least 39 North Dakota ambulance services plan to participate in a procession as part of a memorial for three people killed in an air ambulance crash in Morton County.
Kelly Dollinger, president of the North Dakota Emergency Medical Services Association, tells the Bismarck Tribune he expects that number to grow. Dollinger says the Monday procession is also "bound to see" ambulances from other states such as Minnesota, Montana and South Dakota.
Rev. Greg Carr, lead chaplain for Crisis Care Chaplaincy, says the public service in Bismarck will give people a chance to grieve and remember those who died in the Sunday crash: pilot Todd Lasky, nurse Bonnie Cook and paramedic Chris Iverson.
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