Monday, April 9, 2018

CLR Fracked A Ryden Three Forks Second Bench Well With 71 Stages -- April 9, 2018

The well:
No Longer Following These Wells

January 17, 2018: #17181 -- recent increase in production, but a stripper well; and not re-fracked; might be interesting to follow --
  • 17181, 395, MRO, Kevin Benz 24-31H, t1/10; cum 141K 2/18; recent production data --
PoolDateDaysBBLS OilRunsBBLS WaterMCF ProdMCF SoldVent/Flare

January 18, 2018: #20459. This well has to show a significant bump in production based on huge fracks nearby, but as of two months after the new neighboring fracks, no bump. Check back in, in a few months.
  • 20459, 1,443, Oasis, Lawlar 24-14H, North Tobacco Garden, t9/11; cum 216K 2/18;
The Literary Page

I'm not going to spend much time on this book but Dorothy Parker has always intrigued me. I have a copy of "essays/theater reviews" on the shelves next to my bed. I occasionally read one of her essays. I often wonder if the "critic" in Birdman was modeled to some extent on DorothyParker.

The book:
Dorothy Parker: What Fresh Hell Is This? Marion Meade, c. 1987.

Some background to Dorothy Parker that I posted a couple of years ago.

I was unaware of this: Dorothy Parker herself left no correspondence, manuscripts, memorabilia, or private papers of any kind. Wow.

Throughout her life she was secretive about her origins and gave the impression that she had no family ties whatsoever, even though her close relationship with her sister, Helen, lasted a lifetime.

This biography was written with the cooperation of Lel Droste Iveson, Dorothy Parker's niece.

Introduction: The Algonquin Hotel, Summer 1927
  • West  Forty-fourth Street; bathed in Edwardian gloom
  • the summer of 1927 marked the 8th anniversary of the day she first brought Robert Benchley and Robert Sherwood to the Algonquin Hotel, all of them working together down the street at Vanity Fair; poorly paid editors back from the war (1919)
  • in the intervening eight years, Dorothy Parker had been dubbed the wittiest woman in America
Chapter 1: The Events Leading Up To The Tragedy, 1893 - 1903
  • paternal grandparents: from Prussia; in the wave after the abortive 1848 revolution
  • Samson and Mary Rothschild; settled in Selma, AL; Dorothy's father, Henry was born in Selma, in 1851; a few Jews lived in the area, but none in Selma; wow; embroidery business; Henry was originally "Jacob" but changed his name over time;
  • saw the war coming; Samson moved his family to NYC in 1860; lived next door (in the same house) to large family, the Marstons
  • Henry (ne Jacob) Rothschild (18 years old) fell in love with Eliza Annie Marson, 19 years old)
  • 1880: Eliza, nearly 30 years old, marries Henry 
  • 1894; No. 214 West Seventy-second Street; Dorothy was Eliza and Henry's fourth and last child; their second daughter; her older sibs when she was born, ages: 12, 9, and 6
  • Eliza was 42 when Dorothy was born; Grover Cleveland was president
  • 1898: Dorothy's mother died; cause of death: "diarrhea with colic followed by weakness of the heart"
  • Dorothy never rid herself of the guilty suspicion that she somehow had caused her mother's death
  • Henry re-marries; Eleanor Frances Lewis, age 48; none of the children ever liked her; one gets the feeling of the evil step-mother; Dorothy hated her; remember, Dorothy would have been about five years old at the time
To be continued, page 14

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