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The Bakken Is Dead! Remember All Those Stories Back In 2017? Now This: Oil Retakes Top Spot In State GDP As Bakken Economy Rebounds -- DAWA -- February 10, 2018 -- Never Saw This Headline In Mainstream Media -- North Dakota Led The Nation In Real GDP Growth

From Dawasg:

If I were in the mood, I would link all those stories from 2017 suggesting the end of the Bakken, starting with Art Berman's article, and posting the Atlantic Monthly story, but I'm not in the mood. Maybe later.

As I wrote that, this song flashed in front of me:

But I digress. Look at this from DAWA Solutions Group. DAWA has an office right down the street from where my father's agency was. From the linked article:
Last week, the Bureau of Economic Analysis released the third quarter 2017 state GDP numbers.
North Dakota state GDP has grown from a recent low of $53 billion in the first quarter of 2016 to $55.6 billion in the third quarter of 2017.
North Dakota led the nation in real GDP growth in the third quarter of 2017 with an 8.3% increase from $54.1b to $55.2 billion. [I'm wondering if they didn't mean the second quarter 2017? See this link. See graphic below.]
A deeper dive into state GDP by industry shows that mining, including the oil and gas industry, attributed for the lion’s share of growth since the beginning of 2016. Mining grew from $4.4 billion  in the first quarter of 2016, to $7.5 billion in the third quarter of 2017, a 75.5% increase in less than two years and once again leads the state.
The graphic:

The graphic:

Notes To The Granddaughters

Our oldest granddaughter has recently taken up an interest in poetry. I went through that phase not too many years ago, mostly through Sylvia Plath, but many others.

I was looking for one of my "understanding poetry" books here in the house but was unable to find it. Most likely it is packed away and, unfortunately, I did not inventory it apparently.

Be that as it may.

I went to Amazon to see if I could fine the book I'm looking for. This book, in the screenshot below, is not the book I was looking for but the book intrigued me enough to consider buying it.

Link here.

Buy new: $99.95. I about fell off the couch. A hundred dollars for a paperback book. Certainly I could do better if I bought a used copy. Look at these prices -- again, remember -- these are used copies and I did not see any in "excellent" condition.

Two screenshots. In case you miss it, look at the price of this used paperback at the bottom of the second screen shot:

Now, I'm really intrigued by this book. But I will buy a used copy for less than $5.00 with a $3.95 shipping charge.

Note, that the shipper from New Jersey selling a copy for $9,999.00 won't even give you a break on shipping. LOL.

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