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Project Tundra Update -- February 17, 2018


February 11, 2020: Minnkota permit

Later, 1:28 p.m. Central Time: see comments; a reader connects the dots. See also this post

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The last time I blogged about Petra Nova was January 10, 2017:
The Petra Nova facility (240 megawatt), a coal-fired power plant located near Houston, Texas, is one of only two operating power plants with carbon capture and storage (CCS) in the world, and it is the only such facility in the United States.
The 110 megawatt (MW) Boundary Dam plant in Saskatchewan, Canada, near the border with North Dakota, is the other electric utility facility using a CCS system.
Soon, Petra Nova could become one of three. The Bismarck Tribune reports that Project Tundra in North Dakota could be the third. Data points:
  • Federal government awards $6 million for early design work on CCS
  • a retrofit of Minnkota Power Cooperative's Milton R Young Station
  • near Center, ND
  • modeled after a similar projectt near Houston, Texas, called Petra Nova
  • the design work will take about one year; if the result shows the retrofit is affordable, developers will press on
  • Milton Young Station has two operating units, one, 250 MW; and, the other, 455 MW
Something tells me that the North Dakota Tourism is not happy with the choice of the name for this project. Project Tundra. LOL.

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