Tuesday, February 6, 2018

North Dakota Refinery Projects Updated -- February 6, 2018

Perhaps readers know better what is going on with these projects or can direct me to a better link. This is the best I could find overnight.

From Stratas Advisors, dated almost two years ago: largest-yet refinery project announced for North Dakota. Data points, again, this is almost two years old:
  • the state now has five refinery projects that may come online with the next ten (10) years
    • the five would add a combined processing capacity of about 155 Mbbl/d
  • Davis Refinery, near Belfield, Meridian Energy, begins first round of permit applications (this project has been discussed several times on the blog since then; it continues to move through the permitting process)
    • update, June 13, 2018: air quality permit approved
    • would be the largest new refinery int he state, and second largest refinery in ND overall
    • first phase: 27,500 bopd capacity; online in 2017 (did not happen)
    • second phase: permits to be filed when phase one is placed into service; will expand capacity to 55,000 bopd
    • goal: fully operational by 2019
  • Trenton, ND
    • Dakota Oil Processing
    • 20 Mbbl/day refinery
    • was to have been brought on line by end of 2016
  • Thunder Butte
    • Thunder Butte Petroleum Services
    • Makota, ND
  • Berthold, ND
    • Quantum Energy, Inc
    • 40 Mbbl/d
  • Stanley, ND
    • Quantum Energy, Inc
    • no further data

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