Thursday, September 21, 2017

Huge Drop In First Time Claims! The Political Page, T+244 -- September 21, 2017

Jobs: first time unemployment claims --
  • prior: 284K (a 14K drop from the previous report)
  • forecast today: 303K (range: 274K to 325K)
  • forecast today: at 304K, that would be a 20K jump
  • first time unemployment claims surged by 62,000 after Hurricane Harvey, up to 298,000, a five-year high
  • prior revised: 282K (a 16K drop from the previous report)
  • actual: 259K (a drop of 23,000)) -- huge 


  1. Talking about politics, this is hilarious. Let's hope, however, that North Korea isn't also "irredeemable," the other word Clinton used to dispense with Trump supporters.

    --- Trump's Witty Response to Moon Calling N.Korea "Deplorable" ---

    1. That is good. Again, when Trump speaks directly to his audience, he comes across much, much better than when the American mainstream media "translates" what he said, thinking that the average American needs help understanding Trump. LOL. Thank you for a great clip.