Saturday, July 15, 2017

Gasoline Drops Below $2 In Five States; More Could Follow -- July 15, 2017


July 16, 2017: America's #1 cheerleader --

Something tells me the mainstream media won't post this tweet. LOL. Mainstream media cherry picks his tweets, just like everything else.

July 16, 2017: add nine more states to the list of sub-$2.00 gasoline (make America great again):
  • Iowa: $1.94
  • North Dakota: $1.92
  • Wyoming: $1.86
  • Colorado: $1.98
  • South Dakota: $1.99
  • Nebraska: $1.89
  • Kansas: $1.87
  • Illinois: $1.81
  • Missouri: $1.84
July 16, 2017: making America great again! Add Minnesota to the list! Hard to believe! But again, this is in Moorhead, practically in eastern North Dakota. Most likely Moorhead, sister city to Fargo, had to lower prices to compete with North Dakota prices, LOL:

Original Post
From 24/7 Wall Street, the five states:
  • South Carolina, $1.95 (the state's very low gas tax is well below the national average)
  • Alabama, $1.97
  • Oklahoma, $1.98
  • Mississippi, $1.99
  • Arkansas, $1.99
  • Three states near the $2.00-mark: Texas, Tennessee, Virginia, and Louisiana
President Trump was not mentioned in the article. 

From the archives:

What a doofus

By the way, I'm being told that the video above is fake. Either part of Obama's speech was deleted by the Russians, or he turned from the monitor too soon and missed the rest of the statement.

President Obama's entire statement on this issue was apparently this: "We can't just drill our way to lower gas prices; we need to frack, too. Especially in the Bakken. And maybe even off-shore."

Connecting the Natural Gas Dots

Unless you've been under the Geico Rock for the past two months you know that:
  • the US and the EU are charting different paths for energy
  • having said that, the handshake between Trump and Macron lasted 25 seconds (CNBC)
  • the US doesn't care much for the Mideast except maybe Saudi Arabia; the Trump administration policy: "at least it's better than the alternative (Iran)"
  • Qatar's neighbors are upset about Qatar; Saudi has imposed sea-lane quarantine on Qatar
  • Qatar has a lot of natural gas
  • France uses a lot of natural gas
  • France plans to close a significant number of nuclear plants, saying it doesn't want to become overly dependent on nuclear energy (German and US engineers hold that card) and, apparently, would rather become overly dependent on Qatar natural gas instead
  • if no relief, France will have to ask the EU to approve a Russian natural gas pipeline to Paris
So that leads us to the headline story over at GoogleFinance right now: France calls for swift lifting of sanctions on Qatari nationals.

I can't make this stuff up.

Air Canada Pilots: Color-Blind Or Just Plain Idiots

Link here. I can't make this stuff up. 

Congress needs to write a new law: Air Canada planes need to land on runways, not taxiways. It would help prevent near accidents like this. Would a robotic pilot have done a better job?Of course.


  1. And when it comes to that other kind of gas -- natural gas -- we see a similar phenomenon taking place:

    --- US ‘will become one of the world’s top gas exporters by 2020’ ---

    "The American shale gas revolution will enjoy a second wind as rapid growth in domestic production sees the US join the world’s club of top gas exporters, a leading energy authority has predicted.

    Fracking has already opened up US shale oil and gas deposits, leading to a fall in gas prices and a drop in greenhouse gas emissions as power generation switches from coal to gas, as well as reducing America’s historical reliance on fossil fuel imports.

    But an increase in US gas production over the next five years will cause another revolution as the country begins liquefying and shipping gas to Asia, Europe and the Middle East, the International Energy Agency said.

    In a report published on Thursday, the IEA forecast the US would generate almost 40% of the rise in global gas output between 2016 and 2022.

    Come 2022, the US will produce more than a fifth of the world’s gas, putting it on the same level as top gas exporters such as Russia and Norway, the agency predicted. As an exporter of liquefied natural gas (LNG), it would become second biggest in five years, behind Australia but above Gulf state Qatar.

    “The US is already the largest gas producer in the world and will increase production more than any other country over the next five years,” said Keisuke Sadamori, director for energy markets and security at the IEA. “US gas production will grow by nearly 3% a year.”

    More than half of that new production will be turned into liquefied natural gas for exports, he added….

    Overall, Sadamori said the key factor in the gas market in coming years would be production growth in the US and its emerging role as an exporter.

    “The ability of the gas fields in the US to provide large quantities at competitive prices will be the most important feature [of the gas market], not only to keep gas competitive for US power generation and industry customers, but also to further increase pipelines exports to Mexico, Canada and deliver LNG to the global market.”

    1. Here are some informative charts I found while browsing the EIA today.

      The U.S. is still a net gas importer:

      --- U.S. natural gas net imports fall to record low in 2016 ---

      But the U.S. is predicted to become a net natural gas exporter by 2018 because of this:

      --- Monthly Dry Shale Gas Production by Play ---

    2. The most amazing thing about that second graph: even though the Bakken is an oily play -- about 94% of hydrocarbon from the Bakken is oil -- and only from about four counties in North Dakota -- natural gas from the Bakken still shows up on the graph. And I was one of those who was really, really wrong on this issue -- I was not all that concerned/worried about the flaring issue in the Bakken -- I was completely wrong -- the environmentalists and the royalty owners were right.