Sunday, June 4, 2017

North Dakota Oil Industry Shows Signs Of A Rebound -- Minneapolis-St Paul StarTribune -- June 4, 2017

John Kemp provided the link via Twitter, from The StarTribune: North Dakota oil industry shows signs of a rebound. Dateline: Mountrail County, ND. One "word": DAPL. Okay, two words: DAPL; price. Data points:
  • last year (2016), the state's oil production was more than 6x what it was in 2008 
  • North Dakota job sector that mostly includes oil workers stood at 16,400 in April, 2017, a 10% increase over same period one year ago (2016); second consecutive month in which ND saw year-over-year increases in oil jobs
  • on-line job openings were at a 12-month peak in April, 2017; up 94% (almost double) from a year ago
With this news, Sophia says she is ready to drive north, look for a job. She's looking for something in retail, perhaps Toys 'R Us, or fast food, Panda Express. (For newbies, Texas has a very laid-back attitude toward drivers -- as long as the car is registered, and there's no texting):

Yes, she does need to get her seat belt on. 

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