Saturday, June 17, 2017

Another Large Natural Gas Pipeline Project For North Dakota; To Provide Natural Gas To Bobcat's Largest Facility In The US -- June 17, 2017


September 23, 2017: agreement reached.

Original Post
From the newspaper that everyone in Williston follows, The Miami Herald: North Dakota regulators move a new natural gas project forward. Data points:
  • MDU natural gas project will benefit two ND counties and one manufacturing facility in Gwinner, ND
  • the project: a 12-inch, 21-mile long pipeline
  • estimated cost: $14 million
  • Ransom and Sargent Counties
  • will initially provide natural gas to the Bobcat facility in Gwinner
  • Gwinner's Bobcat manufacturing and product engineering complex: Bobcat's largest in the US
  • project will have capacity to expand to other potential customers located along the proposed route
  • it will not result in a rate increase for other MDU customers
Had the Bobcat facility been located in Minnesota, we would be reading about a $30 billion wind and solar project subsidized by the taxpayers.

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