Monday, May 22, 2017

ONEOK Opens New Offices In Sidney, MT -- May 22, 2017

From The Crude Life, data points (see first two comments):
  • 20-acre complex; 60,000 square of finished office, shop, warehouse (average Wal-Mart, I believe is a million square feet, to help put this in perspective)
  • room for growth
  • chose Sidney: 
    • it has roots there with its legacy facility
    • near center of its operations in eastern Montana, northwest ND, and southwest ND
    • original legacy facility was the Grasslands Plant, 15 miles southeast of Sidney
    • Sidney is also where ONEOK's natural gas pipeline there which is the transition between natural gas and natural gas liquids; where ONEOK's Bakken natural gas liquids pipeline starts; moves south, taking liquids to southern markets
  • article mentions bringing Lonesome Creek and Bear Creek on-line
  • not mentioned: less traffic; probably more economical to build in Sidney, not Williston; also some tax advantages for workers living in Montana vs North Dakota

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