Saturday, March 4, 2017

Results Of North Dakota's Quarterly Lease Auction -- February, 2017

North Dakota lease auction results are tracked here.

February, 2017, on-line results. Done quickly. There will be factual and typographical errors.

Billings County
  • Eight tracts, from $4 to $32/acre
Bottineau County
  • Eleven tracts, including a 5-acre tract, from $1 to $6/acre
Burke County
  • Nine tracts; from $501 to $902/acre; Liberty Resources took all the tracts in this county
Divide County
  • Seven tracts; from $4 to $401
Dunn County
  • Thirty-one tracts; from $4 to $108; mostly Woodstone Resources; some Northern Energy
Golden Valley County
  • Too many tracts to count, but all in the single-digit/acre range
McHenry County
  • Fourteen tracts; all $1 or $2/acre; most by Skyworld, who also had most of the Golden Valley tracts
McLean County
  • Seven tracts; all for $2/acre; all tracts won by The Triple T, Inc
Mountrail County
  • Too many to count; mostly The Triple T, Inc, for $2/acre; though Northern Energy had three tracts for $400 - $500/acre
Renville County
  • Nine tracts from $3 to $24/acre
Stark County
  • Fourteen tracts; Northern Energy all of them except for two, for $2 - $3/acre; Skyworld got two very small tracts for $116 - $201/acre
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