Wednesday, February 1, 2017

CORRECTION: Most Likely A TYPO: EOG Reports A Huge Well In The Parshall -- February 1, 2017


February 6, 2017: see first comment. This is most likely a typo. Again, instead of re-typing everything -- read the first comment.
IP: Most Likely A Typo

Original Post

When you look at the first screenshot below, look how far east this well is and the IP. I've noticed a couple of EOG wells reporting huge initial production at the eastern edge of the Bakken. I remember early on in the boom, folks were saying that it was unlikely to get great wells this far east. Probably true, but it is nice to see a well with this IP this far east. Also note that it is a short lateral, although being sited in the adjacent section, it's a bit longer than the typical EOG short lateral, which makes the IP of 5,224 for crude oil even more impressive. All things being equal, one wonders what the IP would have been had the horizontal been a long lateral.

The well:
  • 29635, 5,224, EOG, Parshall 164-3332H, Parshall, s12/19/16; TD, 12/27/16; TD = 16,184 feet (short lateral); 1280-acre spacing; "Bakken, NOS"; middle Bakken; t12/16, cum 3K 12/16;
  • need to follow up on this: water, 5 bbls water, initial production; IP MCF, 250; no natural gas flared; all sold
  • API: 33-061-03346
  • FracFocus: 10/25/16 - 11/26/16; 3.340 million gallons of water; 21.83% sand by mass
  • one gallon of water weighs: 8.3454 lbs
  • 3.340 million gallons of water, 21.83% by weight sand, per FracFocus:
  • 78.7% of what =  27,871,224 pounds of water = 35,414,516 pounds total water + sand
  • 21.83% = 7,730,989 lbs of sand
  • a lot of sand for a relatively short lateral; equates to about 18 million lbs in a long lateral, I suppose

A neighboring well sited in the same section (need to follow-up in a few months):
  • 17621, IA/1,117, EOG, Parshall 17-33H, open hole, 8 stages, 700K lbs proppant "Bakken SS", 640-acre spacing, t8/09; cum 222K 11/16;

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