Friday, August 12, 2016

Update On Raisa Energy's Acquisition -- August 12, 2016

Raisa Energy:
  • website
  • partnerships: Raisa Energy LLC is a Denver/Austin based O&G company that targets the aggregation of small Non-Operated working interests in the core of best unconventional basins, partnering with a select group of the best operators. Raisa has over 2,000 net acres in the DJ Basin and is currently expanding to the Williston, Anadarko Basin and beyond. 
  • CEO, at LinkedIn
  • Raisa's operations landman 
Yesterday, it was noted that Raisa paid $20,000/net acre in the August, 2016, quarterly North Dakota lease auction. Specifically:
  • SE4/28-153-93: 57.35 acres $20,800/mineral acre (#1 in the graphic below)
  • SW4/28-153-93: 50.49 acres $20,800/mineral acre (#2 in the graphic below)
  • NE4/33-153-93: 63.58 acres $20,500/mineral acre (#3 in the graphic below)
  • NW4/33-153-93: 43.18 acres $20,500/mineral acre (#4 in the graphic below)
Some time ago I estimated that landmen are making decisions based on estimates that there is 20,000 bbls of oil / acre in the better Bakken.  From there, one can do the math. Producing Permian is getting $40,000 / acre.

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