Sunday, April 10, 2016

Random Update On Some Whiting P Wood Wells In Truax Oil Field -- April 10, 2016

Back on February 14, 2015, this screenshot and a post on the halo effect in the Bakken:

What does that same area look like today?

First, a shot of the same area from a bit farther out:

And now, zooming in to see the area under discussion, compared to the screen shot taken about a year ago (see above) and the one taken today. Note the additional horizontals -- the ones running north/south; as well as another northwest/southeast horizontal:

From the permits (I did not confirm with geologic reports, yet):
  • 29870: a Three Forks well, first bench, 2560-acre spacing; t7/15;
  • 29812: a Three Forks well, third bench, 1280-acre spacing; t7/15;
  • 29810: a Three Forks well, third bench, 1280-acre spacing; t7/15;
  • 28385: a Three Forks well, first bench, 1280-acre spacing; t10/14; no halo effect noted;
  • 29863: a middle Bakken, 2560-acre spacing; t7/15;
Bottom line: it appears that the middle Bakken wells, drilled first, in this area were running northwest/southeast, whereas the Three Forks (1st and 3rd benches), drilled later, are running north/south.

Note: I did this quickly, to get an idea of what is going on. There are likely to be typographical and factual errors. Also. without taking a whole lot more time to sort them out, there may be errors in identifying correct permit/file numbers with the horizontals. If this information is important to you, go to the source. This is simply for my benefit to help me understand how the Bakken is being developed.  

This post will likely be updated and corrected.

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