Friday, October 30, 2015

70 Rigs -- Who Would Have Guessed? -- October 30, 2015; Zavanna Reports Several Nice Wells Southeast Of Williston; Eight (8) New Permits

Active rigs:

Active Rigs70190182185200

Eight (8) new permits --
  • Operators: EOG (4), SM Energy (3), Hess
  • Fields: Clarks Creek (McKenzie); Blue Buttes (McKenzie), Parshall (Mountrail), Ambrose (Divide)
  • Comments: with the relatively mediocre wells SM Energy seems to be reporting in Divide County, it's interesting to see them still drilling; what more can I say about EOG and Clarks Creek: permits for three more wells in section 25-152-95. 250 feet from the north line and between 700 and 900 feet from the west line; for those trying to keep track of this at home, this is the third screenshot of this area in recent weeks. We're looking at the upper lefthand corner in the grey area (Fort Berthold Indian Reservation): permits for the first set of wells (6 wells) is in red; permits for the second set of wells (10 wells) is in green; and, now the permits for the third set of wells in the same immediate area (3 wells) is in black. I haven't taken the time to see which direction these 19 new wells will run. The original four wells were extended long laterals (3 sections) running south. [Again, I may have misread something or have gotten something wrong; if this is important to you, go to the source.]

Producing wells completed (note: these four Zavanna Angus wells are on a 6-well pad):
  • 26682, 2,770, Zavanna, Angus 3-10 1H, Long Creek, the geologist's report says the well is in Stockyard Creek (the well is sited in Long Creek, but runs north into Stockyard Creek); the 4' target zone started 12' below the top of the middle Bakken; gas units maxed at 1,134 units; trip gas hit 3,204 units, t9/15; cum 6K 9/15; producing only 6 days;
  • 26683, 2,950, Zavanna, Angus 34-27 2H, Stockyard Creek, t9/15; cum 13K 9/15; producing only 12 days;
  • 26684, 567, Zavanna, Angus 3-10 3TFH, Long Creek, t9/15; cum 5K 9/15; producing only 8 days;
  • 26686, 548, Zavanna, Angus 34-27 4TFH, Stockyard Creek, t9/15; cum 2K 9/15; producing only 4 days;
QEP reports that the four Jones wells are producing or plugged, in Grail oil field, of course; a six-well pad.

Newfield let six (6) permits expire (it should be noted that it is not unusual for expired permits to "come back" as renewed permits): Sturgeon (3), Schneiderman (3), all in the Tobacco Garden/South Tobacco Garden area. 

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