Saturday, October 11, 2014

The Borrud Wells North Of Williston Look Nice -- October 11, 2014

Update on some early Borrud wells:
  • 25562, AB/1,208, Bruin/HRC, Borrud 156-101-2A-11-2H, t8/13; cum 255K 11/17;
  • 22495, 805, Bruin/HRC/KOG/Liberty, Borrud 156-101-1-12-1H, t8/12; cum 407K 7/19;
  • 19048, 705, Bruin/HRC/Petro-Hunt, Borrud 156-101-11D-2-1H, Bakken; t8/11; cum 238K 7/19;
  • 29539, 4,635, Bruin/HRC, Borrud 156-101-1B-12-2H, Tyrone, t7/19; cum 50K over 25 days. I.N.C.R.E.D.I.B.L.E. The cumulative in less than 30 days is incredibly, but look at that IP: 4,635.
  • 29538, PNC, Bruin/HRC, Borrud 156-101-1B-12-3H, Tyrone,
  • 29240, 1,827, Bruin/HRC, Borrud 156-101-2B-11-5H, Tyrone, t4/15; cum 231K 7/19;
  • 29239, 1,802, Bruin/HRC, Borrud 156-101-2B-11-4H, Tyrone, t3/15; cum 241K 7/19;
  • 29238, 1,209, Bruin/HRC, Borrud 156-101-2B-12-3H, Tyrone, t4/15; cum 197K 7/19;
  • 29787, 3,099, Bruin/HRC, Borrud 156-101-1A-12-1TFH, Tyrone, t7/19; cum 24K over 18 days;
  • 33335, 2,871, Bruin/HRC, Borrud 156-101-1A-12-4H, Tyrone, t7/19; cum 30K over 26 days;
  • 33336, 3,047, Bruin/HRC, Borrud 156-101-1A-12-5H, Tyrone, t7/19; cum 33K over 23 days;
  • 35806, 1,390, Bruin/HRC, Borrud 157-100-33C-21-1H3, Tyrone, t7/19; cum 25K over 25 days;
A Note to the Granddaughters

During two successive summers during my high school years, Dr Borrud hired one of my very close friends and me to "pick rocks" on his land. "Picking cotton" can't possibly be any worse than "picking rocks." His farm was just north of Williston, and I assume these are wells on his land.

Dr Borrud lived a block from where we lived; his daughter was in our carpool during middle school years. I believe Dr Borrud moved from Williston to Minneapolis shortly before/shortly after their daughter graduated from high school.


  1. Dr. Strinden also hired us kids to pick rocks. Those sneaky doctors. Was your friend Bruce?

    1. I did not know that others also picked rocks. It was miserable. No, not Bruce. It was Dave.

  2. I recall, in the late '50s, that when it was too wet to plow and too windy to pick rock, we actually got to "go to town". But the truth remains: it is harder to build a haystack in 90 degree weather than to pick rock. Glad to not being doing either now.

    1. Thank you for noting that (again). The first time you wrote I did not think about building a haystack. But now I recall helping build a very, very small haystack in south Texas. I never, never could have built a "real" haystack. You are correct -- there is no comparison. The haystack would be exponentially much more difficult. Picking up was back-breaking, but worse, it was mind-numbing. But the physical labor would not compare at all to building a "real" ND / MT haystack.