Saturday, August 23, 2014

Week 34: August 17, 2014 -- August 23, 2014

Visit to The Bakken
Weatherford facility/complex east of Williston, video
New 4-mile corner west of Williston, video
32nd Avenue, west of Williston, video
32nd Avenue connector completed, graphic
New high school location; screen shot of Williston map (same link as previous entry)
Coming down Indian Hill, into Williston, video
Watford City bypass, southwest of city, video
First impressions, August 2014
Belfield, southern gateway to the Bakken

Top story of the week: Whiting appears to have set world fracking record

Top story of the month: new milestone/record -- 1 million bopd from the North Dakota Bakken

September, 2014, dockets; 24 wells on almost every 640-acre spacing unit in the "Helis Grail"?
Random update a phenomenal Halcon 6-well pad in Eagle Nest
Random note on EOG's new "400-series" wells
Top 50 producers in North Dakota, December, 2013

New Town CBR facility to connect with Hiland crude oil pipeline system

Random update

Bakken economy
Houston-to-Williston, non-stop, United Airlines; service initiated
$135-million convention center for Williston?
Epping, a dying city, now booming

Bakken as laboratory
Using unconventional shale technology to go after "not-so-tight' legacy conventional fields

Bakken 101
A wind farm requires 725 times more land than a fracking site to produce same amount of energy

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