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Random Note On The Southern-Most Active Rig In North Dakota Right Now: A Luff Exploration Red River Well

The southern-most active rig in North Dakota at the moment is on-site here:
  • 27946, conf, Luff Exploration, D and E Trust N-31H, Corey Butte, 31-129-101, right on the South Dakota state line; based on other Luff Exploration wells in the immediate area, this is most likely a Red River well.
Could this be a big well? Hard to say, but Luff Exploration has a long history working this area, and has some good Red River wells, including this one:
  • 5227, 624, Luff Exploration, Greni 33-26, a Red River well, t11/72; cum 1,235,497 bbs 4/14; this well has a pretty colorful history. I believe it began as a vertical well, was re-entered and two very short laterals were placed; a work-over rig in 2003 significantly increased production. Note that it was drilled in late 1972, and continues to produce about 1,600 bbls of oil per month, which is what some Bakken wells produce after the end of the severe decline rate and then begin to level off. Is that about 42 years of production? Note: over 1.2 million bbls of oil to date.
The new well is located about 8 miles, almost directly east, of the older well (#5227).

There is nothing below the asterisks that apply to the Bakken. For archive purposes only and to help put the Bakken into perspective.

Germany "green-energy jobs" collapse

This is interesting. I was sent a link last night to what appeared might be an interesting story. It wouldn't open in the Firefox browser, but opened in Safari, though sluggish, suggesting it was optimized for Microsoft IE, or perhaps Chrome. While waiting for it to load on Safari, I googled "Germany "green energy jobs" collapse." I was quite surprised. In the past week or so the European media has several stories on this subject, but which I had not yet seen in American mainstream media.

This article from Global Warming Policy Foundation was typical. I assume the Foundation has its own agenda, but the article is recent, contains data linked to reputable sources, and mirrors many other sites talking about the collapse of Germany's green energy industry. It is not surprising; regular readers are well aware of Merckel's return to coal in a big, big way. What is surprising is how quickly and how deeply the collapse is.

This article or one similar to it also noted the intense vitriol and acrimony. The tone coming from the "green energy" proponents suggest desperation. And, of course, they are desperate: the earth will become inhabitable in the next year or so due to greenhouse gases exceeding 401 ppm and no one is taking it seriously any more. Not even Ms Merckel. Returning to coal in a big, big way. All of Europe is returning to coal if one looks at the export (from the US) - import (into Europe) data.

Some data points from the linked article on green-energy jobs in Germany:
  • the subsidization of renewable energy has not led to a significant, sustainable increase in jobs in Germany
  • counting employees in government agencies and academic institutions, less than 1% of Germany's 42 million workers work in the highly subsidized sector of renewable energy
  • there was a 13% drop in the number of new people employed in renewable energy sector last year, most new jobs were in solar
  • the German government expects to see a further decline this year (2014) and next year
  • fifteen (15) years after the start of green energy subsidies, this sector is still dependent on subsidies
  • almost none of the green-energy jobs are self-supporting; they require subsidies to exist
  • subsidies continue to pile up, and Germany utility users now have a 20-billion Euro bill to pay in their monthly utility bills to pay for these subsidies
  • investments, meanwhile, in renewable energy have dropped 20%
Ezra Levant, Canada's self-proclaimed "foremost freedom fighter" has the same story. This is the link that was very, very slow to load and I could not get it to load on Firefox.

This January 22, 2014, NewScientist article suggests the same.

This is an example of the vitriol, desperation, anger, hostility coming from some quarters that I referenced above from this Canada Free Press article:
Lord Deben said people like Lord Lawson of Blaby, the former chancellor, should not be classed as ‘climate change deniers’ but should instead be referred to as “dismissers.” He said these people do not say climate change is not happening but deny the urgency to take action. Lord Lawson of Blaby has warned that climate sceptics are treated with same vitriol as Holocaust deniers. He also accused the Prince of Wales and the Climate Change Secretary Ed Davey of being hostile. Lord Lawson, who founded the Global Warming Policy Foundation think-tank, said he had never experienced such vilification either in his private or political life.
Claire Carter, The Daily Telegraph, 28 May 2014
So, I guess it's back to "shut up and color. The science is settled."


Disclaimer: this is not an investment site. Do not make any investment decisions based on what you read here or what you think you may have read here. 

There's a recent article over at Seeking Alpha contributed by an individual who has been "short" CLNE since June, 2013. I have no dog in this fight; I do not invest in CLNE. What I found interesting was the timing of this article. It was dated May 30, 2014. Remember, this contributor is "short" CLNE.  Look at the price chart for CLNE this past week when the contributor wrote his article: on Wednesday, May 28, 2014, the stock was down to $10/share. Look at that jump on Thursday, May 30, 2014: up to $11.20. No wonder the writer sounded desperate.


C'est La Vie, Khaled

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