Saturday, December 14, 2013

Petroleum News Update On Well Density In The Bakken; KOG, XTO Leading The Pack; Data To Be Collected

Petroleum News is reporting
North Dakota operators continue to increase well densities on Bakken petroleum system spacing units. In applications that the North Dakota Industrial Commission will consider during hearings on Dec. 18 and 19, numerous operators are seeking authority from the commission to drill up to 30 wells on existing 2,560-acre spacing units, up to 16 wells on existing 1,280-acre units, and up to four wells on existing 320-acre units. Those infill efforts will result in spacing unit densities of one well for every 85.3 acres in the 2,560s and an even higher spacing unit density of one well for every 80 acres in the 1,280- and 320-acre units. These are some of the highest spacing unit densities that the commission has ever considered.
“These spacing requests are very significant, in the fact it is some of the highest we have ever seen,” Department of Mineral Resources Assistant Director Bruce Hicks told Petroleum News Bakken in a written statement. “Should the commission approve these cases, it should allow operators the ability to vertically test the stratigraphic limits of the Bakken and Three Forks Formations. It will give operators the chance to review scientific data as to what the best possible well densities should be for a particular area.”

The operators seeking the highest well densities are Kodiak Oil and Gas (USA) and XTO Energy. Kodiak is seeking permission to drill up to 16 wells on two existing 1,280-acre units in the Truax field in southern Williams County. XTO wants to drill four wells on an existing 320-acre unit in the Squaw Creek field in far eastern McKenzie County. In both cases the resulting density is one well for every 80 acres in the spacing unit.
I really have to thank the reader who sent me this story. I never would have guessed KOG and XTO led the pack in density drilling. I thought it would have been CLR, #1 and, then maybe KOG, or even someone else. But XTO (XOM's deep pockets) is interesting; and talk about a feather in KOG's cap to be leading the pack. Good for them.

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