Thursday, October 17, 2013

Williston Wire Headlines: $100 Million Event Center For Dickinson? ranks North Dakota as best state for young people.

The Ridge, a 160-acre development in Williston: construction has started; 96 condominiums starting at $199,000.

Labor and housing shortages still exist in Williston. If I recall correctly, the county commissioners have put a moratorium on any new building permits. I think it was a 6-month moratorium that might expire in February, 2014. The city shut down church-sponsored homeless shelter. WWJD? Despite what others are saying, by my definition, this is still a boom.

And then this, from a writer in Grand Forks talking about the oil patch: "the boom shows no sign of slackening." I guess I was correct; the boom continues despite what writesrs from the East Coast might be saying. A nice article at the link.

Moxi Fuel Nutrition and Apparel, owned by ex-professional fighter Derek Deese and ex-baseball player Mat Powell has now opened in Williston.

Watford City's South Park Plaza, anchored by Cash Wise grocer, is filing up: China Express, American Smoke Wagon, Mailbox Solutions, Red Wing, Taco Johns', Saddle Up, Z Wireless and Happy Joe's Pizza

Dickinson State University considering a $100 million event center and arena grounds, complete with a multipurpose arena, exhibition building, DSU rodeo faciltiy, and  a main events center facilty that would seat up to 5,500 people. Proposed name: The Badlands Event Center.

A new chapter of an international professionals group is puttin gdown roots in Bismarck: Young Professionals in Energy.

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