Friday, September 20, 2013

Am I Missing Something? And The First Nominee For The 2013 Geico Rock Award Is ...

The Dickinson Press is reporting: "Forty years later, we are still as dependent — if not more so — on foreign oil." -- Harvey Brock, opinion, the publisher of The Dickinson Press.

Regular readers might want to send Mr Brock this link at Carpe Diem: five charts that help put "Saudi America's" shale revolution into perspective. And that's just crude oil. Natural gas is an even more remarkable story. [Update: one might also look at the data and graph at item #4 in a more recent CarpeDiem post: For the last three weeks in a row, US crude oil production exceeded oil imports (see chart below). The last time that happened was in February 1995, more than 18 years ago. As US oil production continues to accelerate, the market for oil imports will continue to shrink.]

Wow. The first nominee for the 2013 the Geico Rock Award....

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  1. Incredible. Living in the midst of the Williston Basin and so unaware of what is happening.

    He must of been been mentored by editor Lorie Sturtevent of the Mpls Star Tribune to be this out of touch.

    1. He must have also missed all the number of articles posted by Bloomberg and others about how Saudi is taking the shale revolution in the US very, very seriously.

      My hunch is he so focused on the dynamics and politics of fracking, he has missed the forest for the trees. Or he can't see the oil patch because there are too many rigs in his way.