Thursday, June 20, 2013

A Look Back At The Most-Under-Reported Story Yesterday Regarding The Bakken

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I still think the most-under-reported story yesterday was the admission by EPA that it won't publish its final report on fracking until 2016 (at the earliest).

Obviously, after 40 years of fracking in the US; and a dozen years of fracking in the most recent boom, the EPA has all the SCIENTIFIC facts it needs to come to conclusions and publish a report.

One inconvenient truth: Pennsylvania is a swing state.

By the way: if they don't get that report published before the inauguration of the new president, regardless of which party wins, the report may be delayed until the new EPA chief gets a chance to review it. And, even if the report is published, then it has to be implemented, and that will come under the new administration.

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