Thursday, January 10, 2013

Hamlet Oil Field, The Bakken, Williston Basin, North Dakota, USA



None as of October 16, 2014
25263, 215, CLR, Farver 4-29H1, t11/13; cum 49K 8/14;
24769, 548, CLR, Rosenquist 2-24H, t10/13; cum 90K 8/14;
24768, 487, CLR, Vatne 2-25H, t9/13; cum 57K 8/14;
24767, 627, CLR, Rosenquist 3-24H, t10/13; cum 90K 8/14;
24766, 600, CLR, Rosenquist 3-24H, t10/13; cum 59K 8/14;

24660, 511, CLR, Salo 4-26H, t5/13; cum 54K 8/14;

Original Post

Folks are getting excited about the news story earlier this month about Hunt getting ready to do a lot of drilling in Ambrose County, Divide County.

A reader asked for a look at Hamlet oil field, Divide County. I think the reader knows more about this Hamlet oil field than I do, suggesting that we are going to see some huge multi-well pads in the field, though they are not yet on the NDIC GIS map. Having said that, a few notes on Hamlet.

Hamlet oil field is located in the extreme southeast corner of Divide County, its southern line the Williams County/Divide County line. Divide County became an exciting county in the Bakken boom in late 2012. The field is almost exactly one township in size, T160N-R96W. It appears that leases in all sections are now held by production: there is a long lateral in every section in the field.

First, some old wells. In section 23/24/25-160-96, there are six vertical Madison wells on 160-acre spacing -- all still active, including this stellar well:
  • 5535, 1,340, Enduro Operating/Sequel Energy, Vatne et al 1, Hamlet, t2/75; cum 714K 8/14; still producing 800 bbls/month; and still producing after almost 39 years.
Obviously, this well is not indicative of all Madison wells, but it is also not an exception.

Currently there are two areas of interest in the Hamlet.

First, 29/30-160-96:
  • 19173, 513, CLR, Farver 1-29H, Hamlet, t11/10; cum 96K 8/14;
  • 24658, 90, CLR, Farver 3-29H2, Hamlet, t8/13; cum 28K 8/14;
  • 24657, 344, CLR, Farver 2-29H4, Hamlet, t7/13; cum 32K 8/14;
  • 24594, 570, CLR, Rosenvold 5-30H-2, Hamlet, t10/13; cum 39K 8/14;
  • 24593, 405, CLR, Rosenvold 3-30H-3, Hamlet, t4/14; cum 39K 8/14;
  • 19709, 492, CLR, Rosenvold 1-30H, Hamlet, t12/11; cum 69K 8/14;
Second (and on the date of the original post, there is a rig on site on #23856)
  • 23853, 674, CLR, Hamlet 7-2H, Hamlet, t5/13; cum 66K 8/14;
  • 23854, 749, CLR, Hamlet 6-2H, Hamlet, t4/13; cum 88K 8/14;
  • 23855, 700, CLR, Hamlet 5-2H, Hamlet, t5/13; cum 69K 8/14;
  • 23856, 463, CLR, Salo 7-35H, Hamlet, t6/13; cum 56K 8/14;
  • 23857, 583, CLR, Salo 6-35H, Hamlet, t6/13; cum 65K 8/14;
  • 23858, 566, CLR, Salo 5-35H, Hamlet, t6/13; cum 57K 8/14;
Now, a look at some of the better Hamlet oil field wells:
  • 18958, 865, CLR, Howard 1-5H, t8/10; cum 134K 8/14;
  • 19183, 1,171, CLR, Dalin 1-4H, t10/10; cum 189K 8/14;
  • 18321, 700, CLR, Milton 1-23H, t3/10; cum 163K 8/14;
  • 18904, 466, CLR, Harriet 1-22H, t12/10; cum 131K 8/14;
  • 18818, 479, CLR, Rosenquist 1-24H, t7/10; cum 132K 8/14;
So, what does the future hold for Divide County (not just Hamlet oil field) going forward? Below is a very brief summary of the cases in the NDIC hearing dockets since June, 2012 (the most recent six or seven months) with regard to Divide County.

From the NDIC hearing dockets since June, 2012. Note: due to the way cases are handled, there could be some double- or triple-counting below, but one gets an idea of the activity in Divide County through a quick scroll. These are all in Divide County.

  • 19409, Bakken Hunter, extend Paulson-Bakken, establish 2 1440-acre units; 2 wells each;
  • 14910, Bakken Hunter, extend Bounty School-Bakken, establish 5 1440-acre units; 10 1280-acre units; and 7 640-acre units; 2 wells on each 1440 and each 1280-acre units;
  • 19244, American Eagle, extend Colgan-Bakken; establish 2 800-acre units; 8 wells on each; Divide
  • 19331, Hunt, extend West Ambrose, Musta, and/or Smoky Butte-Bakken, establish 18 1280-acre units; one well each, Divide;
  • 19356, Baytex, Frazier-Bakken, 7 wells on each of 3 1280-acre units, Divide
  • 19357, Baytex, Ambrose-Bakken, 7 wells on each of 10 1280-acre units; Divide  
  • 19358, Baytex, Whiteaker-Bakken, 7 wells on each of 11 1280-acre units, Divide
  • 19359, Baytex, Blooming Prairie-Bakken, 7 wells on each of 3 1280-acre units, Divide 
  • 19072, CLR, Hayland-Bakken, 14 wells on an existing 1280-acre unit, Divide 
  • 18832, Hunt, Fertile Valley and/or Smoky Butte-Bakken; establish 18 1280-acre units; 
  • 18846, CLR, amend Sadler-Bakken, create 2 overlapping 2560-acre units; multiple wells;
  • 18847, CLR, amend Dolphin and/or Hamlet-Bakken, create 3 overlapping 2560-acre units;
  • 18848, CLR, amend Stoneview-Bakken, create an overlapping 2560-acre unit; multiple wells;
  • 18942, CLR, Upland-Bakken, 14 wells on an existing 1280-acre unit, Divide
  • 18590, Marquis Alliance, construct an oil treating and oilfield waste treating/processing facility
  • 18701, Samson Resources, Blooming Prairie-Bakken, 7 wells on an existing 1280-acre unit
  • 18705, Samson Resources, Bluffton-Bakken, 7 wells on an existing 1280-acre unit, Divide
  • 18409, Sequel, amend Stoneview-Bakken and North Tioga-Bakken, 6 hz wells on each unit
  • 18438, SM, amend Colgan-Bakken, up to 4 hz wells on 4 1280-acre units, Divide
  • 18541, Samson Resources, 7 wells on an existing 1280-acre unit, West Ambrose-Bakken,
  • 18291, Samson Res, Blooming Prairie-Bakken, 2 overlapping 2560-acre units; 14 wells each
  • 18292, Samson Resources, amend Ambrose-Bakken, establish 5 2560-are units; 14 wells on each overlapping 2560-acre unit, Divide (70 wells)
  • 18358, Samson Resources, Blooming Prairie-Bakken, 7 wells on each of 2 1280-acre units
  • 18383, American Eagle, Colgan-Bakken, complete 4 wells on each of 3 existing 800-acre units
  • 18111: Samson Resources, West Ambrose-Bakken Pool, create a 2080-acre unit, 14 wells;
  • 18112: Samson Resources, Ambrose-Bakken Pool, create 5 2080-acre units; 14 wells on each unit; 70 wells;


  1. The 14 wells on each unit mentioned above;
    Seems like a lot , but are they into different formations?
    Still seems like a big unit.
    Would these be wells into the Bakken (3) and Sanich-3forks (4)?

    1. The dockets all say "Bakken" so I assume these wells will all go into the Bakken Pool which consists of three Bakken formations and up to four Three Forks formations (depending on where one is in the Williston Basin.

      Of the three Bakken formations, the middle Bakken is pretty much the only one that is being targeted right now. Slawson is said to be testing the upper Bakken (the source rock) but I am not aware of how that is working out.

      The Three Forks formations: a little bit more confusing for me, but it appears most Three Forks wells drilled to date in North Dakota are upper Three Forks wells. CLR is taking the lead looking at deeper Three Forks formations.

      But right now, the tea leaves suggest the "typical" better Bakken 1280-acre spacing unit will have not less than 14 wells on a single pad. Some have suggested we will be seeing 20 wells on a single Bakken pad in the best fields.

  2. Great recap on Divide County. Thank you!! I knew activity had ramped up lately but the list you've put together is mind-blowing. It will be fun to watch -- especially Continental's lower Three Forks test wells.

    1. Thank you for your kind comments.

      I was quite surprised, last year, to see all the interest in Divide County. It will be interesting to see if Three Forks on the edge of the Bakken (i.e., Divide County) is as good as some are suggesting.


      Good luck. And, again, thank you for taking time to write.