Sunday, January 6, 2013

Enbridge To Add Another $600 Million To Pipeline Activity in The Bakken

If you think you read this on the MDW in another post, you are not wrong. This is a "cut and paste" from an earlier post, but for housekeeping reasons, am re-posting it here.

The Dickinson Press has an update which says about the same thing, but provides a bit more detail and background. In addition, the article references two large Enbridge pipeline projects which were announced earlier (back in 2012). Apparently, Enbridge has added another $600 million to the huge $6 billion project previously announced. That is "new" news.

Enbridge Inc, already the largest transporter of Canadian oil, moving more than 2 million barrels a day, added C$600 million ($609 million) worth of new plans on Friday to a massive C$6.2 billion expansion of its system through Western Canada, North Dakota, the U.S. Midwest and Eastern Canada, announced in early December.
The company said it would spend C$400 million on its Western Canadian system to add 230,000 barrels a day of capacity, mostly by increasing the horsepower of its pumping stations between Hardisty, Alberta, and the Canada-U.S. border.
Its U.S. affiliate, Enbridge Energy Partners, will spend $200 million to further that expansion between North Dakota and Superior, Wisconsin. The capacity is scheduled to be on line in 2015, the company said.
Enbridge remains one of a handful of Bakken-centric companies I most enjoy following. EOG is another. And, of course, BRK, now that Warren owns BNSF.

More information about the "massive C$6.2 billion expansion program can be found at this link. Again, please correct me if I am double counting, or posting any errors regarding the Bakken. There are so many announcements of expansions and new projects, it is easy for me to get confused. The best example was the recent announcement for new peaking plants planned by Basin Electric.

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