Thursday, April 14, 2011

Minnesotans Enjoy Higher Utility Rates -- Governor Vetoes Bill To Lower Utility Rates


May 27, 2011:  Yup, the governor vetoed the bill. Meanwhile, states on the East Coast are dropping out of "cap and trade" agreements. As long as residents enjoy paying higher utility costs, that's their choice. Meanwhile, one can expect that manufacturers with high electricity needs (like technology companies) will simply choose other states in which to locate (or relocate).

May 22, 2011: Well, so much for this "good" news. The governor will veto the bill. Back to square one. I personally have no dog in this fight; if Minnesota wants to pay higher utility costs, and their manufacturers move to North Dakota, that's fine with me. But in the big scheme of things, just "white noise."

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This is incredible! Apparently Minnesota has seen the future and the future is a) huge electric rate increases without coal-generated electricity; and, b) rolling brownouts without more electricity.
The Minnesota Senate has voted to lift restrictions on carbon dioxide emissions from coal production that critics say prevented both construction of new coal plants in the state, and purchase of energy from new coal plants in neighboring states.
The vote was overwhelming:
The Senate voted 42-18 in favor lifting the restrictions. They say the bill will allow the state to keep up with what's expected to be growing energy needs to keep up with economic growth.
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All I can think about is the "Lost Decade."


  1. WOW is right!! Thinking realistically - almost unbelievable!!

  2. Yes, and the same day I posted this story, I posted the story about California doing just the opposite.

    We will get a chance to see how this plays out (California vs Minnesota) over the next few years.

    Thank you for stopping by and commenting.