Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Off The Net For Awhile

I have to bike home, and then get Sophia ready for TutorTime and take her to school. Hopefully I will be back on the net by 9:00 a.m. Central Time.

Good luck to all.

Project Reconciliation

This is the name of the "effort" by "numerous indigenous groups" to buy a stake in the Trans Mountain pipeline from Alberta to the west coast of Canada.

On another note, this is cool -- the use of the word "riding" -- something we've talked about before.


Number to watch: 11.

Russia's crude oil production continues to drop. Now around 11.1 million bopd vs a recent 11.4 million bopd. 

EIA Today

Later today, the EIA will post its weekly US crude oil inventory data. Big_Orrin over at twitter says that based on API "actual inventories" this will be the EIA forecast:
  • crude: +8.2 million bbls
  • Cushing: +1.2 million bbls
  • distillate: +1.0 million bbls
  • gasolien: +2.3 million bbls
Making America Great

Link here. I don't know about "you," but I find these stories absolutely fascinating. Here's another one. Saudi Aramco agrees to buy a stake in Sempra Energy's Texas LNG export terminal. This is Aramco's first entry into production of oil or gas outside Saudi Arabia.
Aramco can potentially ship the LNG home to the kingdom’s power plants or trade it globally. The state-owned company and Sempra signed a preliminary agreement to acquire a 25% stake in the plant, but didn’t disclose the value of the potential deal.
A recent transaction could give a guideline for what the deal is worth. France’s Total SA paid about $1.5 billion for the LNG assets of utility Engie SA, which included shares in Sempra’s Cameron LNG plant in the U.S.
I think that's pretty cool.

See "Prince Salman's 2030" link at the sidebar at the right.

Show Me The Money -- I'll Believe It When I See It

Freak Snow?

When I see a headline like the one below -- freak snow -- it tells me two things. Folks have not been following the weather for the last ten years; and, folks do not understand the cycle of sunspots.



    some global numbers from April to sprinkle in with the weather cherry picking.