Thursday, April 4, 2013

Well, This Wasn't Supposed To Happen

March was very, very cold indeed.

The network trusted by more liberals than any other is reporting:
March 2013 was the joint second coldest in Northern Ireland since records began, alongside 1919, 1937 and 1962.
According to figures from the Met Office the mean temperature for the month was a cold 2.8C.
March was also colder than any of the preceding winter months of December, January and February.
December and January each had a mean temperature of 4.3C, while February was slightly cooler at 3.9C.
The amount of sunshine during the month was just 51.5 hours, well below the average 97 hours.
Later this week, the global warming activists will be explaining how rising CO2 was responsible for the coldest March in Ireland since 1962, and tied with the second coldest March in 1919 and 1937 -- you know those are all interesting years: WWI; the eve of WWII, the Cuban Missile Crisis; and, now this spring: the Korean War, chapter 2. 

I do not recall the years 1919, 1937, and 1962 as years of high CO2 discharged by human activity.

Meanwhile, tied for the second or third most inept president of the United States, President Obama is speaking global warming fundraising out in California, "Forward On Climate -- Reject The Keystone XL" in professionally-made signs. Then he will go golfing in nice sunny weather. Better than shooting basketballs. What? Not worried about the jobs report? Apparently not.

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