Friday, March 17, 2017

3Q16 Wells Updated -- March 17, 2017

Disclaimer: in a note like this there will be typographical and factual errors. Do not make any investment, financial, job, travel, or relationship decisions based on anything you read here. If this information is important to you, go to the source.

I just updated most of the IPs for 3Q16 wells still on drl or SI/NC status. I didn't keep track of the number of Statoil wells still on SI/NC status, but there were about eight of them, and none of them were completed; Statoil has not completed any of its SI/NC wells since the last update (date unknown but probably six months ago) that were reported in 3Q16. Note: the data is through January, 2017; obviously reporting and paperwork lags behind what is happening in the field.

These are the updates for all the wells I looked at; I went through about 75% of the list. All of these were on SI/NC status (except, of course, the Newfield well).

Note the XTO wells: huge amounts of sand; huge number of stages; lousy IPs' and most were shut in / had no production data two to three months since the wells were completed. It should be noted that many/most of the XTO wells were stimulated in November, 2016, and production data is posted only through January, 2017, right now. There is a lag in paperwork and reporting by at least 60 days. Also, note XTO's #30834, only 10 stages, 2 million lbs. For newbies, the Siverston oil field is an incredibly good oil field for most operators.

Statoil: for 3Q16 SI/NC wells, no change

XTO (these five XTO wells updated here):
  • 30834, 326, XTO, TAT State Federal 14X-36D,  Bear Creek, 10 stages, 2 million lbs, t12/16; cum 3K 1/17;
  • 31596, 287, XTO, Johnson 31X-6CXD, Siverston, t11/16; cum --; stimulated 8/13/16; 60 stages, 17.76 million lbs;
  • 31609, 156, XTO, Johnson 31X-6G, Siverston, 40 stages; 7.3 million lbs, t11/16; cum —
  • 31597, 122, XTO, Johnson 31X-6D, Siverston, 40 stages; 7.7 million lbs, t11/16; cum —
  • 32151, 186, XTO, Johnson 31X-6HXE, Siverston, t11/16; cum 6K 1/17; 60 stages; 17 million lbs; stimulated 9/7/16;
  • 30280, 3,327, BR, Merton 21-15TFH, North Fork, 26 stages, 12 million lbs; t9/16; cum 73K 1/17;
  • 30918, 1,520, WPX, North Segment 6-5-4HA, Van Hook, 61 stages, 9.3 million lbs, t1/17; cum 41K after 47 days;
  • 30920, 1,202, WPX, North Segment 6-5-4 HB, Van Hook, 61 stages, 9.3 million lbs; t12/16; cum 28K 1/17;
  • 30921, 1,629, WPX, North Segment 6-5-4 HY, Van Hook, 61 stages, 9.1 million lbs; t12/16; cum 46K after 58 days;
  • 29858, dry, Newfield, Jorgenson Federal 148-96-10-15-2H, Lost Bridge, (original name of this well was Jorgenson Federal 148-96-10-15-11H; target was changed from Three Forks B1 to middle Bakken; I did not find a sundry form explaining reason to plug hole (usually due to casing or similar issue)

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