Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Update On Earlier Post Regarding Transfer Of Whiting Wells To Fundamental Energy Management -- January 12, 2016

Earlier I posted a note regarding the number of Whiting wells being transferred to Fundamental Energy Management. A writer provided documentation suggesting that ~ 1,000 wells were acquired by Fundamental versus the number published in the media. It's possible Fundamental acquired the wells from more than one company but the documentation seems to suggest all wells were acquired from Whiting.

Fundamental Energy is not "public" and should not have to publish any information except as they wish. On the other hand, one would assume Whiting would at least mention this at some point as a publicly traded company if it's a "material event."

Regardless, at some point, the wells being transferred among operators will show up on daily activity reports.

It would be interesting to some readers, I suppose, if anyone has any additional information on this transaction.

Disclaimer: this is not being posted for investment or financial reasons. I post these because it helps me understand the development of the Bakken. There is no hidden agenda.

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