Saturday, October 31, 2015

Weekend Update On Global Warming: Antarctic Ice Thickening; Tons Of Snow To Dump On Mt Ranier -- Kennedy Clan Notified; Silly Season In New Hampshire -- October 31, 2015

I was ready to head for bed but I felt compelled to provide a "shout-out" to the Kennedy clan in Boston that if they want to see snow, they might want to book a flight out west. IceAgeNow is reporting that they're expecting tons of snow on Mt Ranier overnight:
Four meters of snow in just four days!
As of yesterday morning, NOAA was predicting between 122 and 162 inches of snow (10 to 13½ FEET!) on Mt. Rainier at higher elevations.
Combined with 65 mph winds and temperatures in the 20-30 degree Fahrenheit range, wind chills will drop to near zero Fahrenheit.
Farther north, 10,000-foot Mt. Baker was forecast to get 70 inches (almost 2 meters) of snow in the next 3 days.
Snow levels will start high but will drop to as low as 4,000-feet by Sunday.
As most folks know, the Kennedy clan told their grandchildren back in the 20th century, that they might not ever see snow again. For the Kennedy clan, Mt Ranier is in the United States, in Washington. State. Not DC.

Cold, too.
NASA: Antarctic Ice Is Getting Thicker
No Explanation For The Incredibly, Horrendous Rise In Sea Levels (0.3 Millimeter/Year)

By the way, speaking of cold, it turns out that the Antarctic is not melting. [This is not news for regular readers of the blog; this is old news. But this is about as definitive as it gets.]

NASA is reporting: the Antarctic is getting thicker, not thinner. NASA is also reporting they have no explanation for the "fact" that the earth's seas are rising ... 0.27 mm per year.

Yes, you read that correctly: the earth's seas, according to NASA:
  • are rising about  0.30 mm per year; and,
  • they have no explanation for this incredibly, horrendous rise.
At this rate, 100 years from now, the seas will have risen 30 mm = 3 cm = 1.18 inch.

Yup, 1.18 inch. How about if  everyone who lives on the beach just step(s) back 1.18 inch when building new structures?

Memo to self: remember to check the popsickle stick rulers I placed in the beach last summer next time I get to southern California. 

Okay, So It's Getting Colder
Let's Keystone Everything -- New Hampshire


January 5, 2016: Massachusetts lawmakers are told there is no chance in hell that the state will meet state-mandated global warming emissions controls. The Boston Globe reports:
State officials say they hope to meet the law’s requirements, but they say it will be far easier if lawmakers help out by passing a bill that would compel utilities to sign long-term contracts to buy hydroelectric power from Canada.
Environmental advocates insist the state has fallen behind and needs a major course correction — not just action on the hydro plan — to meet the law’s requirements. They also note that even if lawmakers pass a hydroelectric bill, the expensive power lines might never get built. They would probably pass through New Hampshire, where the proposal remains highly controversial.
New England does not want
  • more transmission lines from Canada's hydroelectric plants;
  • more natural gas pipelines
  • more CBR; or,
  • wind turbines off-shore.
That pretty much leaves the Henry-David-Thoreau-wood-burning stoves used before the Civil War, and wood chips from South Carolina. 

Original Post
Regular readers know this story. New England doesn't want the pipelines that would bring them natural gas to heat their homes during the winter. There was talk of buying Canadian hydroelectricity but that would require high voltage transmission lines, which I guess they are calling the "Northern Pass."

But modern-day Henry David Thoreaus (Jerry Curran and Catherine Corkery) don't want those transmission lines -- even if they are buried. The Concord Monitor is reporting this nonsense.

Only in America.

Hey, let's come back next spring and see how this all works out.

Shock And Awe? Probably Not

Is it just me, but does sending 50 combat troops to the Mideast to take on ISIS sound like something you would do if you were president?

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