Thursday, June 13, 2019

Corpus Christi -- June 13, 2019


  1. People been talking this up for a while. It's closer to the Permian. Also the access is less constricted than Houston ship channel. Even less fog.

    1. That is correct -- I needed a page to start tracking Corpus Christi.

      I used to visit Corpus Christi on a regular basis, back when we lived in San Antonio. We would go "birding" (bird watching) in Rockport, but it was much less expensive to stay in Corpus Christi. We would stay in in a high rise Holiday Inn and enjoy a beautiful view of the bay. I find it absolutely incredibly how fast and far Corpus Christi has come.

      Good, bad, indifferent: over the next ten years we're going to see a real divergence among cities that have a pro-growth agenda vs those that do not.

      Birding in Rockport: