Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Coal Ain't Dead Yet

IndyStar is reporting:
After years of ethics controversies and cost overruns, Duke Energy’s new $3.5 billion coal-gasification power plant in Edwardsport is up and running.
Officials with the Charlotte, N.C.-based energy company announced Monday that the high-tech 618-megawatt plant, located near Vincennes, has officially started commercial operations.
The plant is billed as one of the largest, cleanest coal-fired power generating facilities in the world. It uses advanced technology to gasify coal, strip out pollutants, and then burn the cleaner gas to produce electricity.
The company said the new plant will produce 10 times as much power as a former plant at Edwardsport, but emit about 70 percent less sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide and particulates combined.
Coal ain't dead yet. 

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