Monday, April 22, 2013

Nice Update on Statoil --

A reader sent me this link. A huge "thank you."

I would have missed this one.

For now, just link: It is a very, very good update.

Quick summary of that interview:
  • 378,000 acres (258,000 in ND; rest in Montana)
  • drilled 150 wells in 2012
  • fewer than 150 wells to be drilled in 2013
  • rig count to average 12, one less than 2012
  • norm: 7-well pads: 4 MB, 3TF
  • shipping almost exclusively by rail; mostly to east coast
  • looking at shipping to Vancouver
  • rail for 3 - 4 more years; looking for pipeline infrastructure to catch up
  • lower benches of the TF? won't research; will follow what others are doing in the Bakken, then drill
  • study group in Williston/Austin looking how to use natural gas driving artificial lifts

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