Monday, April 22, 2013

Right On The Money: The Korean Missile Crisis


May 7, 2013: The Korean Missile Crisis is over; ended with a whimper (a press release). North Korea has removed missiles from their launching pads.

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From the blog, April 14, 2013:
[An update] April 14, 2013: And now SecState Lurch is willing to negotiate with the North Koreans. My hunch is North Korea is coming out of one of its worst winters ever, and has run out of food, and coming close to running out of fuel. If SecState Lurch agrees to trade real food and real fuel for fake promises, that's  fine, and the right thing to do. We give a lot more to the Palestinians ($500 million when we close the White House to tours) than we give the people of North Korea. 
My hunch appears right on the money. The [London] Express is reporting:
The North, suffering under dictator Kim Jong-un's cruel regime, cited a "severe" shortage of food and requested aid during a recent meeting with Mongolia's President Ts. Elbegdorj.
"We ask Mongolia to seek possibilities of delivering food aid to North Korea," an article by InfoMongolia said. revealed how food is often used as leverage to control starving people.
The Drudge Report implies the UN is not supplying the needed food; no reason stated.

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