Sunday, February 14, 2010

Stony Creek Update


2017 Permits (none as of January 18, 2017)

2016 Permits  

2015 Permits
31929, conf, Zavanna, Mastiff 16-21 4TFH,
31928, conf, Zavanna, Mastiff 16-21 3H,
31927, conf, Zavanna, Mastiff 16-21 2TFH,
31926, conf, Zavanna, Mastiff 16-21 1H
31703, SI/NC, Statoil, Shorty 4-9F 8TFH,
31702, SI/NC, Statoil, Shorty 4-9F 7H,
31701, SI/NC, Statoil, Shorty 4-9F 6TFH,
31700, SI/NC, Statoil, Shorty 4-9F 5H,
31699, SI/NC, Statoil, Shorty 4-9F 4TFH,
31461, SI/NC, Statoil, Shorty 4-9F 2TFH,
31443, SI/NC, Statoil, Shorty 4-9F 3H,
31411, conf, Zavanna, Rover 9-21 1TFH,
31410, conf, Zavanna, Rover 9-21 2H,
30565, TATD, Statoil, Folvag 5-8 1H,
30379, TATD, Statoil, Folvag 5-8 7H,
30376, TATD, Statoil, Folvag 5-8 2TFH,
30373, TATD, Statoil, Folvag 5-8 8TFH,

2014 Permits (list is complete)
30143, 3,202, Statoil, Folvag 5-8 XE 1H, 33 stages, 5.9 million lbs, t6/15; cum 173K 11/16;
29510, 48, Zavanna, Shepherd 3-11 4TFH, t1/17; cum --
29509, 125, Zavanna, Shepherd 3-11 3H, t11/16; cum --
29508, 139, Zavanna, Shepherd 3-11 2TFH, t12/16; cum -- 
29507, 160, Zavanna, Shepherd 3-11 1H, t1/17; cum --
29320, 2,427, Statoil, Folvag 5-8 6TFH, t6/15; cum 109K 11/16;
29318, 2,315, Statoil, Folvag 5-8 5H, t6/15; cum 133K 11/6;
29052, 836, CLR, Robert 1-13H, t11/14; cum 67K 4/15;  choked back;
29013, 953, CLR, Debra 1-2H, t12/14; cum 60K 4/15;
28970, 2,690, Statoil, Syverson 1-12 8H-R, t11/14; cum 54K 4/15;  choked back;
28869, PNC, Zavanna, Labrador 27-34 5TFH, 
28868, PNC, Zavanna, Labrador 27-35 4H,
28867, PNC, Zavanna, Labrador 27-35 3TFH,
28866, PNC, Zavanna, Labrador 27-35H,
28865, PNC, Zavanna, Labrador 27-35 1TFH,
28745, dry, Statoil, Syverson 1-12 8H,
27714, 2,439, Statoil, Syverson 1-12 5TFH, t12/14; cum 126K 11/16;
27713, 2,980, Statoil, Syverson 1-12 6H, t12/14; cum 144K 11/16;
27712, 1,896, Statoil, Syverson 1-12 7TFH, t12/14; cum 131K 11/16;

2013 Permits
  • None
2012 Permits
  • 24183, 1,949, Statoil/BEXP, Folvag 5-8 4TFH, Stony Creek, t5/14; cum 46K 4/15; choked way back; off line almost every day since December, 2014;
  • 24181, 3,012, Statoil/BEXP, Folvag 5-8 3H, Stony Creek, t8/13; cum 156K; choked way back; off line often since February, 2014;
  • 24002, 2,490, Statoil/BEXP, Syverson 1-12 4H, Stony Creek, s2/14; t12/14; cum 43K 4/15;
  • 24001, 1,670, Statoil/BEXP, Syverson 1-12 3TFH, Stony Creek, s2/14; t12/14; cum 28K 4/15;
  • 23972, 3,249, Statoil/BEXP, State 36-1 4TFH, Stony Creek, t8/13; cum 168K 4/15;
  • 22922, 2.907, Statoil/BEXP, Syverson 1-12 2TFH, t12/12; ccum 148K 4/15; off-line much of autumn, 2014; operational?
  • 22553, 527, Zavanna, Sabertooth 1-24H, Stony Creek, t8/12; cum 209K 4/15; choked way back 4/15 (operational?)
June 22, 2011: The wells in Stony Creek, as of today:
  • 22136, 2,776, Statoil/BEXP, Syverson 1-12 1H,  t12/12; cum 152K 4/15;  choked back;
  • 21873, 640, Zavanna, Bengal 1-2H, t7/12; cum 179K 4/15;  choked back;
  • 21874, 540, Zavanna, Tony 1-3H, t8/12; cum 201K 4/15;  
  • 21907, 3,779, Statoil/BEXP, Shorty 4-9 1H, t6/12; cum 250K 11/16;
  • 21226, 996, Zavanna, Panther 16-21 1H, t4/12; cum 344K 11/16;
  • 21227, 909, Zavanna Leopard 20-17 1H, t7/12; cum 280K 11/16;
  • 22553, 527, Zavanna, Sabertooth 1-24H, t8/12; cum 254K 11/16;
  • 18092: PNC, Zavanna, Serval 1-9H, 3/12;
  • 18063: 1,034, Zavanna, Ocelot 1-15H; t4/12; cum 257K 11/1;6
  • 18067: 803, Zavanna, Lion 1-14H; t5/12; cum 169K 10/14;
  • 20111: 718, Zavanna, Wildcat 1-11H; t8/11; cum 172K 10/14;
  • 18133: PNC, Zavanna, Panther 1-16H
  • 18070: PNC, Zavanna, Leopard 1-20H
  • 18064: 1,085, Zavanna, Cougar 1-35H, t8/11; cum 198K 10/14;
  • 18069: 783, Zavanna, Tiger 1-23H (Bakken); t6/10; cum 145K 10/14;
  • 17453: 225, Zavanna, Puma 1-26H (Bakken); t2/09; cum 100K 10/14;
  • 18014: 1,075, Zavanna, Bobcat 1-25H (Bakken), t1/10; cum 152K 10/14;
  • 18307: 3,236, Statoil/BEXP, State 36-1 1H (Bakken) (see below), t1/10; cum 300K 10/14;
  • 19215: 1,872, Statoil/BEXP, State 36-1 2H (Bakken), t9/10; cum 188K 10/14;
  • 19216: 3,442, Statoil/BEXP, State 36-1 3H, t6/12; cum 197K 10/14;
  • 12186 (vertical): 347, Citation Oil and Gas, State 23-36, a Madison well; t12/87, cum 368,469 bbls 10/14;
  • 13323 (vertical): DRY, Brooks Exploration, Corpron 1-9, Madison, drilled 1992
  • 12320 (vertical): 116, Citation Oil and Gas, Barton 41-1, a Madison well;  t2/98, cum 65,215 bbls 10/14;
April 22, 2010: Statoil/BEXP announces a good well -- #18307, State 36-1 1-H, 3,236 bopd; t1/10; cum 341K 11/16;

Original Post

Stony Creek is one of the smaller fields in the Williston Basin. It is all of 17 sections. It averages three sections wide (E-W) and six sections north to south. It is located northeast of Williston, and one mile west of the small hamlet of Spring Brook, population, 26 (according to Wikipedia).

One can reach the field by driving east of Williston on 1806, about four miles after crossing the Little Muddy Creek/River bridge. Just before seeing a huge oil well on your left (north of State 1806), there is a county road going north. Drive north about three miles and Stony Creek will be on your right. By the way, that "huge well" on State Highway 1806 next to the county road is BEXP's Knoshaug 14-11 1H, which had an IP of 3,761 on 1/30/11 (no pump yet; as of 1/27/11); cumulative through April, 2011: 69,000 bbls of oil. (In the Avoca oil field.)

Zavanna has most of the permits/wells in Stony Creek: there are currently ten (10) wells on the confidential list and one well that is producing: Puma 1-26H, #17453, 225 bopd (IP), section 26, T155N-100W. According to a press release, this is probably why Zavanna is so interested in Stony Brook:
18014, Zavanna, Bobcat 1-25H, 2,303, section 24 (still on confidential list) -- see above
In three sections, Zavanna has placed two wells right next to each other. On the surface, the wells are 210 feet apart.

The wells are located on my "wells to watch" page.

Last update: June 22, 2011.


  1. hi
    would property located in section 9 151 north range 103 west be part of stony creek or glass bluff?

    what is the outlook for that area?

    thanks for your anticipated help

  2. 9-151-103 is definitely Glass Bluff. Glass Bluff is south of the river and southwest of Williston. Stony Creek is northeast of Williston, north of the river.

    There were a lot of conventional wells (vertical wells) drilled in Glass Bluff over the years, but there has not been much activity in Glass Bluff in the current horizontal boom. One exception: BEXP just reported a big well one township east, still in Glass Bluff: Tjelde 29-32 1-H with an IP of 2,800.

    Other than the Tjelda, there are no permits pending in Glass Bluff at this time. Based on the big well by Tjelda and based on all the conventional wells in this oil field in the past, I think this field will do just fine. But it may be awhile.

  3. Thanks for your quick response and thanks for the insight. We are leased to zavanna and they have "staked a well" on our ground.

    We have entered a contract re putting the well on our ground. I have been watching the daily activity and hoping they would be applying for a permit soon. My guess is they will wait until closer to the end of the lease. They only have on rig.

    Are they capable of drilling a successful horizontal bakken well in your opinion? thanks dek

  4. Very exciting. Zavanna's acreage must be concentrated in Stockyard Creek; that's where there permits are. In 2009, Zavanna was issued 16 permits; of four wells completed and IPs provided, the IPs were: 783; 1,078; 1,128; and 1,267.

    My gut feeling is that the first few royalty checks will be very nice. The first one will reflect several months of production because there is a "delay" getting that first royalty check. But six months out or so, the royalty checks will decrease, just as monthly production decreases, but will hold steady for quite some time. Zavanna must be happy with what they have achieved so far, to continue drilling in Stockyard Creek.

    Zavanna still has about 12 permits from 2009 and five 5 permits issued in 2010 to act upon.

    Good luck.

  5. thanks for your info. i enjoy your website.

    hopefully zavanna will move over into glass bluff and act on our land once they have exhausted what they have in stockyard creek. sounds like their ip's aren't awesome but respectable.we will have to wait and see how good the glass bluff field is.

    i'll keep watching your website for more info.

    thanks again

  6. Thank you for stopping by.

    Regardless of how good the wells are, it has to be very exciting to watch this activity. I hope you get a great well. I think that's what makes "oil men" do what they do. They keep hoping for that big well. And who knows? What makes it even more exciting is that there really aren't any dry holes. Or at least very few. Anyway, good luck.

    And thank you for your kind comments.

  7. one last quick note. my great grandfather homesteaded the land. the oil dream has passed down through the generations. my mom used to have the six kids dream about what they would buy when we hit oil. every time the land was leased she would enjoy spending her money usually on the kids.

    shortly after her death we discovered we had a small interest in an actual well which she owned mineral rights. we all decided she must of pulled some strings in heaven.this was one of those vertical wells you referred to.
    now with this new boom we have started to pass the dream on to our children.

    the fun we have had thinking discussing and dreaming is the real value in the land. if and when we have success it will simply be gravy.

    your site makes it even easier to keep the dream alive for future generations.

    thanks again.

  8. September 29, 2010 -- 2107 hours -- did you see the most recent post -- just a few minutes ago. I am being told that Gary 1-24H in Stockyard Creek (Zavanna) just came in at about 1,600 boepd. Outstanding.

  9. wow if i am reading your monday post correctly and the daily activity for monday acurately zavanna just got a permit for the section next door to our land and an additional one two sections in the other direction. i was told they were planning on putting 8 wells each a mile apart on the section line and this looks like the start. maybe our permit is in the works.awesome!!

  10. I hope I didn't make a typo! Generally, I get those facts straight, taking them directly from the source document. Congrats; I hope it all works out well.

    Thank you for stopping by and taking time to comment.

    If the wells are good, my hunch is that eventually there will be even more wells. In the really good fields they are putting multiple wells in one section.

  11. Wow! The Zavanna permit which was issued today was on our land. What fun for our family to continue to track the dream! As a bonus, the family name was used for the well.

    Would you be so kind as to either answer a couple of questions or lead me to where I can find information?

    1. There are several numbers at the end of the official listing of the permit which appear to refer to feet. What do these represent?

    2. Is the next step for there to be something filed regarding a spacing unit? Or does that not happen until a well is drilled? Where can I track the spacing unit issue?

    3. Any comment on the normal turn-around time in today's climate between issuing a permit and drilling? I think Zavanna has two active rigs at present. Is there any way I can determine how many open permits they currently have?

    4. Finally, is there somewhere to track when a well initially started? I know that wells get placed on the confidential list. Is that at the beginning of the drilling process? Is that information also contained on the daily activity reports.

    I hope I'm not too much of a pest. As before, thanks for all your help.


  12. I posted a reply that was too long for the comment section, so I am going to copy it and paste it as a stand-alone posting.