Wednesday, March 19, 2014


I will provide the links later. Regular readers already know.

A 400 MW wind farm for $1 billion = $2.5 million / MW of electricity
A 88-MW gas turbine for $77 million = $875,000 / MW of electricity

Those numbers are so far apart, one wonders if I am reading the sources correctly.

And remember, one cannot build a wind farm without an equal amount of coal- or natural gas-production backing it up. When the wind quits blowing (or if it blows too fast), the turbines are taken off-line. And, oh by the way, the the coal- or natural-gas utility needs to keep operating at a low level while the blades are turning. 24/7. Wind farms will end up saving the US coal industry. If for no other reason, Americans will demand something inexpensive (coal = 6 cents) to offset high cost of renewable energy (solar, wind = 20 cents). 

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