Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A Reader Comments On Some Of The Recent Vern Whitten Photographs

I always enjoy receiving a new set of photographs from Vern Whitten. Seldom do I get a long comment on the photos, but a reader sent me the following note, which is quite enjoyable.
Vern Whitten's "Never Ending Winter" photographset, which you linked to last Saturday, is quite stunning.  The photographs are gorgeous and have a fine, delicate quality.
I noticed slides 12 - 15 are photos of White Earth Bay.
In slide 12, on the left is the Hess 12-well pad in NWNW 26-154-94 on which Hess has been drilling the EN-Leo and EN-Freda wells that Ihave been discussing.  On the right is a Continental pad where they are drilling several Vachal wells in NENE 27-154-94.  In the Hess spacing unit, section 26 extends south to the lake, and section 35 is almost entirely in the lake.
Across White Earth Bay to the east is Continental's 25-36 spacing unit that has yet to see a drill bit, and that spacing unit goes down to the lake's edge.  Across the bay and around the point, southeast down the lake shore a bit is Continental's 30-well Jersey pad off to the left.  Most of Its 4-section spacing unit is in the lake, and immediately to its west is another Continental 4-section spacing unit that again is mostly in the lake and which Continental will drill from the south side.
In slide 14, north of the Hess pad is section 23 where the EN-Leo H-1, 2 & 3 wells are.  Just under two miles to the east Hess is putting in a pad to drill an additional 4 permitted EN-Leo wells back to the west across the 23-24 spacing unit.
In slide 13 is the Nabors B5 rig that has drilled, other than the spud work, all the EN-Leo and EN-Freda wells to-date.
Enjoy. Again.


  1. Nice comments, it give good background on the pictures when looking at them. Thanks to the information. The heart of the Williston Basin if alive and well, a bright economic future indeed.

    1. Yes, the reader did a very, very good job providing a bit of "color" to the photographs, as they say. I enjoyed the comments. Thank you for taking time to comment.