Sunday, June 23, 2013

Pembroke Oil Field


June 23, 2013: G3 Operating will report a nice well tomorrow in Pembroke:
  • 24220, conf, G3 Operating, Berg Trust Federal 1-26-35H,  Pembroke,
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The Pembroke oil field is a 5 x 6 section rectangular oil field in northeastern McKenzie County, near the sweet spots that include the Grail oil field. Every section has at least one Bakken horizontal. Pembroke is notable/important because of the KOG Smokey wells.

The 1280-spacing unit, sections 18/19, gives one an idea how many horizontals they will eventually place in the better Bakken. These five horizontals appear to "take up" less than 50% of the spacing unit. Thus, easily 10 horizontal wells in just the middle Bakken and the Upper Three Forks (TF1).


The three wells coming from the south:
  • 21393, 1,950, KOG, Smokey 15-7-19-15H, t12/12; cum 57K 4/13;
  • 21392, 1,466, KOG, Smokey 15-7-19-15H3, t12/12; cum 39K 4/13;
The two wells coming from the north:
  • 23794, drl, KOG, Smokey 3-30-18-2H3,
  • 23795, drl, KOG, Smokey 3-30-18-3HA,
  • 23797, drl, KOG, Smokey 3-30-18-3H3,
See KOG's Smokey wells in the Pembroke oil field.

Newfield has nice wells in this field, including:
  • 19110, 2,849, Newfield, Malm 149-98-14-23-1H, t4/11; cum 178K 4/13;
  • 19808, 2,461, Newfield, Malm 149-98-11-2-1H, t5/11; cum 168K 4/13;

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