Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Notes From All Over -- The Delayed Morning Edition -- April 14, 2020

Meltdown 2020: these are the three data points that will speak volumes about whether US shale will survive or not, or if it survives, how it will do long term:
  • Canadian dollar; threshold alarm? 66 cents on the US dollar;
  • Oasis: whether it files for reorganization; see graphic at this post;
  • CLR's activity in the Bakken
For Collector's Only

Lego: ten years from now, this product will be retired, and going for 5x what it is selling for today. If one can find the set in an unopened box: Old Trafford -- Manchester United.

Chinese Pandas: the one-ounce silver coins.

"Lock-Down Losers"

Surgeons and anesthesiologts: taking huge income hits, particularly orthopedic surgeons. All/most/much elective surgery is being postponed during lockdown.  Orthopedic surgeons:
  • mostly elective surgery: knee, hip replacements; entirely elective
  • sports injuries: sports canceled
  • automobile accidents: no one is driving
"Lock-Down Winners"

Makers of mini-vans: going forward, it might take awhile to see the data, but we're going to see a lot more delivery vans going forward.
The lock-down likely changed America's shopping habits for good. And that's going to result in a lot of minivans. Note: minivans (aka trucks): not subject to CAFE standards, as far as I know.
The Apple Page

Doing very well, thank you for asking. Link here.

By the way, China vs US with regard to Wuhan flu, it may be counter-intuitive, but China has the upper hand with regard to the economy. I'm not making a value judgment (good or bad), it's just an observation.


  1. In my opinion, if China Joe is elected the shale industry is dead. The people that pull the strings behind a potential Biden administration would take full advantage of this crisis to make sure that happens.

    1. Agree, 1000%. I thought we avoided a shale crisis when Trump beat Hillary, but the anti-American movement never quits, it seems.

  2. If anything, the last 3 years have pulled the curtain back and the Anti-American movement has stepped into the light of day.
    At least we now know who the enemy is. And they are us!

    1. Well, not me and the 45% of Americans that are solidly behind Trump. LOL.

  3. The thought was more domestic then foreign