Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Wow! Thank Goodness Airport Defibrillators Work As Advertised ----

... after coming to, being brought back from a near-death experience in the Atlanta airport, I was on the gurney trying to figure out what was going on. Fortunately, defibrillators work as advertised. They don't shock if one is not having a heart attack.

It turns out, after I came to, and the paramedics checked what I was last looking at, it all became clear. I must have fainted and fallen off my chair in the waiting area.

My computer screen was still on this page: a Minnesota city "approves" a fracking sand operation.
A proposed rail shipping hub for sand used by the oil and natural gas industries took a major step forward when the Wabasha City Council rejected a request to commission a study on the environmental risks that the sand and hundreds of trucks a day would bring to the picturesque Mississippi River town.
Calgary, Alberta-based Superior Sand Systems Inc. plans to build a storage and loading facility along the Canadian Pacific tracks, from which silica sand mined in Wisconsin would be shipped to North Dakota and Texas for use in the oil and gas extraction process called hydraulic fracturing.
The facility could take in 200 to 300 truckloads of sand a day and run seven days a week. The company hopes to begin operating as early as Thursday.
Wow, I'm still feeling faint. A dream? April First?

Some very, very brave city council members.

Note to the Granddaughters

Only part of the above post is "true." The link to the story and the quote are "true." Don't worry. I did not faint and I did not need medical help.


  1. Bless their hearts.

    The faux-enviromentalist will have to lay down on the bridge and stop traffic. This violation against mother nature can not stand. Think about the children!

    I understand when a TSA person tried to give you mouth to mouth. You woke up suddenly and said thanks but no thanks.

    1. ... and I continued on my merry way. The rest of the trip was uneventful. I'm in San Antonio; I can't believe how humid and warm (dare I say "hot"?) it is.