Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Wells Approved for Re-Entry, Re-Fracking; "Delayed" Initial Fracking -- December 19, 2012

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Disclaimer: I do not understand permitting process for re-entry, re-frack, delayed fracks, etc. I am using using page to start to sort this stuff out.

If I remember, I will add "re-complete" wells at this post. Wells that are re-fracked will be followed elsewhere; see tag at bottom of blog.

First Fracked Horizontal Well In The Bakken
Reported; not listed earlier

March 28, 2014, reported
  • 11485, PA, XTO, Wegley 20-1, originally a Red River well completed in 1986; cum 173K bbls through June, 2013; recompleted March, 2013, into the Madison, with an IP of 13; 
Two interesting KOG re-entry wells:
  • See below: 18987, 223, Whiting/KOG, Two Shields Butte 14-21-16-2HS, t4/11; cum 541K 7/16;
  • See below: 21513, 23, Whiting/KOG, Smokey 3-6-7-14HS, Bully, t2/12; cum 141K 7/16;
16686, 379, MRO, Shobe 24-20H, Reunion Bay, t2/08; cum 302K 7/16; permitted for re-entry; 

28071, 1,628, Petro-Hunt, Sorenson 152-96-24C-13-2HR, Union Center, t10/14; cum 238K 7/16;

21947, 161, Thunderbird Resources LP/GMX Resources, Fairfield State 21-16-1H, St Demetrius, originally completed with 37 stages; 1.2 million lbs; Three Forks;; first IP, 9/12 = 161; second IP, 1/14 = 576; cum 63K 7/16;

PoolDateDaysBBLS OilRunsBBLS WaterMCF ProdMCF SoldVent/Flare

17602, 215, CLR, Charlie Bob Creek 1-25H/Charlie Bob Creek 1-25RH, Ranch Coulee, t12/08; a re-entry well; cum 96K 7/16; production jumps 10-fold; link;


26927, 1,323, BR, Crater Lake 11-14MBH-R, Hawkeye, t12/14; cum 105K 7/16;
26928, 1,363, BR, Craterlands 11-14TFH-R, producing, t3/14; cum 143K 7/16;

Interesting Case Studies
  • 21513, 23, Whiting/KOG, Smokey 3-6-7-14HS, Bully, t2/12; cum 141K 7/16. This well was originally spud in late 2011 and completed/tested in February, 2012. For whatever reason (bad frack?) it never produced much oil -- almost dry. Then in early 2013, KOG requested permission to drill a sidetrack which they did. I assume they cemented off the old lateral well bore (but don't know for sure). The new sidetrack was fracked and is a nice well. Interestingly, the "new" IP is not provided. The well's original name was "Smokey 3-6-7-14H." The name of the new well (same permit/file number) is "Smokey 3-6-7-14HS." Obviously the "S" stands for sidetrack. This is a graphic of the well:

    18987, 223, Whiting/KOG, Two Shields Butte 14-21-16-2HS, t4/11; cum 541K 7/16. This seems to be very similar to KOG's #21513 above. This well was originally spud in late 2010 and tested in early 2011 (April, 2011). It also didn't produce much, for whatever reason (appears not to have been fracked). KOG even put a pump on this well in September, 2011. A little over a year later, in December, 2012, KOG requested to re-enter this well and drill a sidetrack. It appears they drilled the sidetrack in February, 2013, and reported 30 days of production as of March, 2013: 39,986 bbls over 30 days (obviously a successful re-entry). In this particular case, the IP for the sidetrack was provided: 2,061. Like the well above, this well's name was changed from Two Shields Butte 14-21-16-2H to Two Shields Butte 14-21-162HS to signify a re-entry/sidetrack.


25215, PA/33, Armstrong Operating, Scherr 1-18; Duperow 6/13; Deadwood 4/13; Dawson Bay 3/13; Madison, AR, 1/14; Duperow with minimal amount of oil; now drilling the Madison; Madison didn't amount to anything (last produced 3/14)

25731, 2,291, Whiting, Edie 41-13HR, Timber Creek, t10/13; cum 163K 7/16;

A Statoil re-entry well? Based on its name, this appears to be a re-entry well:
  • 26971, 1,016 (reported June 5, 2014), Statoil, Ross-Alger 6-7 7TFH-R, Alger, Lot 4 31-156-92 Footages: 351 FSL 655 FWL; t5/14; cum -- No, it is not a re-entry well; in this case, the "R" stands for "revised." The original permit information was revised; t5/14; cum 76K 7/16;
A similarly named well:
  • 26656, dry, Statoil, Ross-Alger 6-7 7TFH, Alger, Lot 4 31-156-92 Footages: 351 FSL 625 FWL
1361, 177, Hess, Hawkeye-Madison Unit G-613 HR, Hawkeye oil field; t7/59; cum 617K 7/16; in 1956 this was drilled as a vertical well (the uppermost porosity of the South Hastings member of the Mississippian Mission Canyon formation). A lateral leg was drilled in December, 1999, in a southeast direction, same formation. A second lateral leg was drilled in 2000 in a northwest direction. The original vertical well produced 426,704 bbls through May, 1999. The well last produced any oil in January, 2013, and is shown as inactive. Cumulative oil as of 9/13 was 608,266 bbls. It is shown as a Madison well. No evidence of fracking, which of course makes sense; was IA; when I checked 5/14; it was A again.
PoolDateDaysBBLS OilRunsBBLS WaterMCF ProdMCF SoldVent/Flare

1295, PA/288, Hess, short lateral, Hawkeye-Madison Unit E-613HR, s12/56; t1/57; cum 240,003 3/14; this was a vertical that was re-entered and was a very short lateral; was A; when I checked 5/14, it was IA; last produced 6/12; 


26297, 2,272, Whiting, Schilke 14-33RH, Pleasant Hill, t11/13; cum 121K 7/16;
26296, 1,415, Whiting, Schilke 14-33-2RH, Pleasant Hill, t11/13; cum 85K 7/16;
21483, 2,503, Whiting, Marsh 21-16TFH-R, Dutch Henry Butte,  t11/11; cum 218K 7/16;

25338, PA/AR, Whiting, Jandt 14-1-2, Delhi oil field, a Red River well; spacing: W2; no production data, re-entered Interlake, AR, 10/13; no production data from that well;

11913 - stand-alone post

25753, 1,093, Statoil, Margaret 5-8 3TFH-R, Spring Creek, t6/14; cum 93K 7/16;

16071, IA, Armstrong Operating, Hanisch 26-1, Moraine, this was a Duperow well producing since 3/06; recompleted as a Winnipegosis, 11/13; the Winnipegosis was dry (4/06); the Interlake was dry (4/06); the Duperow is PNA (10/13); cum 93K 3/14; (Duperow); last produced 8/15;

25994, 1,016, Newfield, Barracuda 150-100-11-2-3HR, Sandrocks, t10/13; cum 123K 7/16;

27522, 4,207, Whiting, Flatland Federal 11-4TFHU, Twin Valley, t10/14; cum 369K 7/16;

27521, 5,002, Whiting, Flatland Federal 11-4HR, Twin Valley, t10/14; cum 388K 7/16;

27631, 90, Denbury Onshore, CHSU 41-35SHR 15, Cedar Hills, a Red River B well, t6/14; cum 4/15; no production since 4/15;

26850, 1.861, QEP, Otis 4-28-33BHR (was Otis 29-32-28-33LL), Grail, t7/14; cum 316k 7/16;

22223, AR-->AB, Williston Exploration/CHK, Hutzenbiler 9-137-99 A 1H, wildcat, re-entering to test the Tyler, after CHK PNC's the Three Forks horizontal well; Tyler, AR, 2/14;

27209, dry, Petro-Hunt, USA 153-95-4B-9-2HR, -- I think this "R" stands for a "revised" permit -- not a re-entry well.