Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Results of Wells Coming Off Confidential List Over The Christmas Period Have Been Posted; Photos of the Drovdal Wall; Heart Butte Field Updated; RBN Energy: 2013 Trends in Hydrocarbon

Five days; link here.

KOG has a gusher. Even OXY USA has a couple of nice wells. Zavanna proves that one doesn't need to report a huge IP to have a huge well.

Photos of the well that "blew" last Friday evening, the Drovdal well, have been posted.

Heart Butte oil field is updated, including these QEP producing wells that have now been reported:

  • 21405, 1,766, QEP, MHA 4-06-01H-149-92, t2/12; cum 30K 3/12
  • 21551, 2,757, QEP, MHA 3-31-25H-150-92, 2,560-acre; t10/12; cum 8K 1/12;
  • 21552, 2,351, QEP, MHA 2-31-25H-150-92, 2,560-acre; t10/12; cum 8K 10/12;
  • 21553, 2,202, QEP, MHA 4-31-25H-150-92, 2,560-acre; t10/12; cum 8K 10/12;
  • 21554, 2,430, QEP, MHA 1-31-30H-150-91, 2,560-acre; t10/12; cum 19K 10/12;
  • 21556, 2,376, QEP, MHA 3-31-30H-150-91; 2560-acre, t10/12; cum 8K 10/12;
RBN Energy: 2013 Trends in Hydrocarbon

A Note To the Granddaughters

Winter storm update. More snow for Ohio. This is of interest to me: the granddaughters flew from Boston to Akron, OH, yesterday, and will drive to Lexington, KY later this week. They will be there for a full week. I'm sure they are hoping for lots and lots of snow.

Comments are fun to read:
  • Here in central KY, we haven't seen a good snowstorm in over 14 years. Our last snow came in 1998 when we got 19 inches. I haven't seen a single snowfall over 5" at one time, since then. 
  • Let it snow, we have been waiting over a year for a good snowstorm in northern Vermont. 
  • Your amounts for northeast Ohio are way too low. Everyone elsde including the NWS says 6-12 inches, your map is incorrect. 
  • This storm, just after an article saying climate change was causing white Christmas's to go away. 
  • They said major snowstorm for Southern New England, Now its a mix or rain. Winter has for sure changed from the 1970s-80s when it snowed and stayed until spring. 
  • First time in 80 years we'll have snow on Christmas day in Little Rock.

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